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Why don't people believe in AI? Is it due to lack of education?
A recent article says only 41% of Americans believe in advanced artificial intelligence.


It might be because of lack of education. I think it's common for people to be anxious about something they're not very familiar with. 

In terms of AI, I guess, a lot of people get their idea from movies involving the said subject. It could be interesting, but scary at the same time. Most people would think that AI might outwit people and conquer our world.

If AI developers inform people more about AI, then perhaps, there would be less anxiety among us. 

I'm not well-versed in this subject but I believe AIs can definitely help people in making their daily lives much more easier. It's not that AIs take jobs away from people, it's to help them increase productivity. 

Well, I don't know exactly what will be of AI in the future, but I believe that to positive effects of AI will outweigh the negative ones.

Hopefully, people would try to understand new things more before judging, not only AIs but also in a whole lot of things.

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1...many individuals generally do not believe things until they actually see a great example in action....


it is a fact that Humans have actually been at the top of the ladder in specific terms of the cognitive abilities by some very large margin for the actual entirety of the human history. The actual mere idea that something is actually ‘synthetic’ might really be at that level or it better just actually runs against that actual prejudice..

. You will actually see so many philosophical arguments which is about what it actually means to really“think” or actually be so“conscious” in these actual arguments along with the common occasional references to the biological nature of the human thinking...

3.......another reasons why many people do not believe in artificial intelligence is Lack of understanding...

Well Contrary to the popular“there is actual wisdom in crowds” logic,,

when some new things are actually first created, there is an actual extremely small number of individuals who really understand it while there are some individuals that still actually believe in the old paradigm...

.some few people actually do understand the true paths to Artificial intelligence while so many other individuals are either not really computer scientists or actually rooted in an actual well understood older paradigms such as the simple perceptions or an actual rule based computer logic but they are not actually seeing what is really happening with the newer research and also progress....

4...the exponential growth that occurs in the computing power and also storage...

The computers present in today's society are obviously literarily millions of times actually more powerful than those in couple decades ago and also those computera are actually millions of times more really powerful than the actual first computers made. We do not really have experience with so many things that actually operate on an exponential growth in our everyday life so it is actually easy to dismiss the implications of this...