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Do you think plagiarism can be forgiven?
Would you forgive someone after you find out he/she's a plagiator? Is there a second chance for them?

It actually depends on the level of plagiarism done by such person. I believe users who weren't aware or users who are new to the platform shouldn't be punished severely for their unknown action. I think such users can be warned or punished slightly just to make them know we are very strict and dislike plagiarism. This will make them not to plagiarize next time.

The sad fact is that most people are aware about the side effects of plagiarism but due to their lazy attitude and greed for money, they end up plagiarizing content or posts or even answers on the platform. If action isn't taken against this, we will have more people plagiarizing the platform which makes it non organized and increases the number of spammers. The best we can do is to take severe action against such people for some time and we forgive them if they hope to turn a new leaf.

Plagiarism is not encouraged on Steemit and that's why most users get flagged which reduces their reputation for their plagiarism attitude. Some Whales do encourage flagging of users who are plagiarizing content on Steemit. This is also one of the reasons @cheetah bot was developed just to help us discover some plagiarized content by Steemit users.

I do feel very sad and frustrated when I see some musing users engaging in copying and Pasting of answers from Google just to get rewards. I just wish this people could understand what musing is all about maybe it will reduce their habit of plagiarism. I also urge users to report any plagiarized answers or posts to the musing team through the discod server so that such people will be punished accordingly.

It should also be noted that Musing doesn't support plagiarism just like Steemit. Always stay real and true to yourself when answering questions. It's not compulsory you answer every questions but always answer questions you know very well to avoid misleading others who have no knowledge about the question being asked because these set of people will surely read the answers you've provided.

In conclusion, i will consider the reputation of such user before deciding what to do. If I notice the user is a very new user I may assume he is new to the platform and he haven't learned the rules yet. I will just have to warn such user about it and avoid such user from plagiarize. But if the user was to be a person of high reputation, it would be preferred if such user is punished for sometimes and then forgiven later if he reconciles not to do that again.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Plagiarism is a theft of intellectual property and passing it as your own.

So let's make it analogous to normal theft. 

If someone steals a candy, they are a thieve. 

Do you think they should be forgiven for stealing?

Or, maybe they should be banned from having candy for life?

You would probably be cautious if they get around candy in the future, 

but I would hope, that you don't just assume they would be pocketing candy left and right?

Of course it needs to be examined on a case by case basis.

One could have stolen one candy once as a kid, because didn't know any better.

Another might be taking whole trucks loads of candy.

Both are theft, but one only need some education, while other need probably need to pay a huge fine, and spend some time away.

So back to plagiarism.

It really depends on the situation.

It is not acceptable to plagiarize, but it is not necessary to hold it against a person for the rest of their life.


Plagiarism is akin to theft. Taking someone's intellectual property as your own without acknowledging the original creator of such property is actually very bad. You're depriving the original creator from getting the accolades and benefits from his/her work. Plagiarism can only be forgiven if the plagiarist apologize and take down the work from wherever he/she has shared.

Trying to gain from someone else's work without acknowledging them or giving the a portion of the profit is a serious offense and it can only take the grace of God for a caught plagiarist to be let go easily. Though there's no offense that is too big to be forgiven.  If murderers and rapists can be forgiven,  plagiarist can be forgiven easily if they turn a new 


To be honest, I if found someone that would steal content from other people on the Steem blockchain, I would likely mute them right away. There's no way I would ever go back to their profile to see if they have changed, because I don't have the time or interest in actively looking at that. 


Depends on how much they’ve been doing it, whether they’ve given ANY credit, and whether they’ve actually been trying to pass it off as their own versus just being totally naive and not understanding what they were doing is actually a violation.


Plagiarism is the most despicable job. Especially if he copied other people's content and posted it on the steem blochain, then he was paid, this is really very embarrassing. By not being aware, he has eaten the illicit results. This cannot be forgiven.

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Nice question.

I don't think so as they would know exactly what they were doing. It is cheating and doesn't deserve another chance. It may seem like nothing ,but we are all thinking and taking our time to do a well thought out answer.

Some users may think they can get away with it ,but it is more obvious to spot than they think. Quite a few have been caught and banned on musing already and good riddance to them.

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Maybe for those who often do copy and paste (plagiarism activities) are things be their habit. But actually they are not aware that this is already detrimental to themselves. That is a big crime that is can't be forgiven.

As we know that "plagiarism" is the copying of someone else's work by someone, who then recognizes and claims that the work is his (his work). Plagiarists are often called "plagiator". If we do further research, plagiarism is the same as theft or hijackers.

Moreover, in the present era, with advanced technology, everyone can access information updated via the internet easily and quickly.

Right now, almost everyone has a smartphone, tablet, iPad and so on. Starting from children, adolescents, adults, parents, even the elderly also use the internet to get information so that they are not left up to date or just to have fun.

In addition to the many advantages of this advanced technology, there are also many people who abuse the information. One of them is plagiarism. Because humans need the internet and in the internet there is a lot of information that we don't know, and not infrequently some of them want to think instantaneously.

Whatever urgent things they need will be fought for by justifying any means. And apparently, this plagiarism activity has become a culture. Plagiarism activities are mostly carried out in the fields of education, entertainment, on social media such as steemit and so on.

In the world of education alone, students who do plagiarism can get severe penalties such as being expelled from the university. As a student, honesty in completing assignments is very important.

Whether we realize it or not, this action will make a student's mind bound by the person's work. Freedom of thought and ideas is increasingly difficult. In addition, there is no more appreciation for the original work because of the students' morale. Because from honesty it can make a reflection of yourself. Because how to improve this nation if honesty is still very minimal.

For me plagiarism is a crime that cannot be forgiven, whether it is done by students or steemit users, and anyone.