Have you ever won any contest on Steemit?
What was it and how much?

Yes I have won once in a writing contest and I am not a frequent participant of such contest and I participated in the writing contest only once and luckily I featured in the list of winners and it gave me a lot of pleasure. However I always read the articles written by many good participant in @originalworks contest and I really learn a lot from reading those articles and @originalworks always organize contest on blockchain projects and the contest always look very very professional too.

Further I also believe that contest are always good for this ecosystem in many ways. There is always value addition if one participate in a contest and no matter how much you win from the contest but your knowledge on the blockchain projects and your writing skill always improves by participating in such contest.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Yes, I have won some when the price was pretty good. I won my first contest January this year. It was 3 SBD, it was huge for me then as a newcomer and with SBD price been around $10. The theme of the contest was about "which feature would you like to be introduced to steem blockchain?". I wrote about referral.

After that I won a contest about "African diety". I made an awesome post about OSUN. She is a diety of love and fertility. And according to legend, she was very powerful. She turned to a river, river OSUN in Nigeria.

I also won @firepower's contest, @nanzo-scoop's football prediction. The last contest I won that can remember was hosted by @chuuuckie, it was about Steemhunt. I am sure I have won some others I can't remember now.


Yeah a few. Most of them writing competitions but I’ve also won some photography competitions as well.

I’ve actually won quite a decent amount of Steem. At a guess, I’d say that I’ve won around 150 Steem all up.

Back when Steem was worth $5 per coin it seemed like a huge amount of money. Not so much now though.

I actually powered most of my winnings up anyway so that I could bolster my voting power. It’s worked out well since I have an account with more than 1000SP now and this one is growing nicely as well.

I highly recommend entering as many competitions as you can. It’s an awesome way to meet new Steemit users and to really grow your account quickly. Competitors have massively helped me over the past year.


i don't really enter contests. I don't really have time for them to be honest. I would rather spend my time engaging with other users or be here on Musing. Entering a contest is  a gamble and it takes time away from other things.

The only things that I enter are the Power up Leagues and the Helpie League. I often receive rewards from these but I see that as  a bonus and not a must win scenario. I wouldn't say I am a gifted writer, so I know where my strengths lie and entering a writing competition would just be crazy for me.