What do you think about vlogs? Are vlogs going to be more popular than selfies?

"What do you think about vlogs?"

Nowadays I rarely watch vlogs, but I watched many vlogs in the past. Mostly on YouTube. Vlogs can be entertaining, funny, educational. Maybe all of them. Watching vloggers can be a good way to pass time. But it is depending on the personality of the vloggers you watch.

Making vlogs is an entirely different topic. You need to have at least a good quality camera and a microphone to make good quality, enjoyable vlogs.

Depending on the style of your vlogs, you may also need to edit your videos, which requires a video editing software, the knowledge/skill to use the software, and a good/decent computer to render your videos (without a good/decent computer, you will wait many hours to render your videos). Good (fast) internet upload speed also come in handy to upload your video to the internet (for example to YouTube and/or DTube), otherwise you will wait many hours in this case as well. But depending on the length of your video, you will probably spend a lot of time with editing your video. This can also mean many hours. So making and publishing good quality, enjoyable vlogs can be really time consuming. Especially, if you don't have the necessary/required things/conditions.

Are vlogs going to be more popular than selfies?

Vlog are already more popular than selfies. At least for me. In fact, selfies are not popular at all for me. Nowadays I don't watch selfies at all. Except, if a selfie accidentally comes up on Steemit or on Facebook. But I don't watch/look for selfies intentionally.


I think vlogs will become more popular in the future. Not everyone can do them though as one needs a personality. A decent idea and a topic to concentrate on..

I have seen some feeble attempts and I would advise against doing those if you are a boring person. There are loads of boring people on Steem so it will only be for the ones who are brave and stupid enough to be able to carry them off.

I have thought about doing some but even though I have the personality I have to think twice. It should be a good way to make rewards as the successful ones will grow their followers.