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How many of your good Steemian friends are still active?
We tend to choose people with similar interests and mindset to follow. Do you still have them or they quit do to the low steem price and bad news.

A great deal of my Steemian friends have stopped using the platform, or have reduced their posting frequency drastically. 

" We tend to choose people with similar interests and mindset to follow."

This is a pretty accurate statement. 

Just because people have similar interests, doesn't mean they have the same mindset. 

This can be observed in the steemian who chooses to ignore comments from other hard working steemian's simply because of dissimilar mindset or opinion. 

To me it's a testament to someone's character if they can set aside differences to co-operate as friendly neighbors who engage with each other once in a while, even if not offering support to one another. 

To touch on support. If two steemian's have agreeable quality content, and suddenly stop supporting each other because of different "mindset", then this isn't really about the content anymore is it? 

I think oft times "mindset" can cause some real issues when opinions don't align, but the great thing about transparency, is:

Everyone can see when a person stops supporting someone else, and starts ignoring them, even when they are friendly to the individual, and still offer support. 

Disagreements happen. Forgiveness is a powerful, and healing human characteristic. Perhaps it's something all Steemian's with differences should consider, when a mass exodus is happening. 

We have the power to set good examples for the new onboarded users, or people can continue to not practice what they preach, and transparency will expose their true nature and mindset. 

Good question Erikah


I follow about 150 people, and the majority of them are still active - I think loads of them have the same attitude as me (long term vision for Steem), and so the price doesn't affect them too much.

I often go through my following list and unfollow any people who are no longer active, or whos content I no longer find interesting or engaging. This keeps my feed constant and engaging.


I think that most of them are still active. When I first started I had quite a few that have since disappeared.

I changed and got to know a core group of followers and we have the same mindset. We support each other and are thinking long term.

I think I have around 20 users in a group now and they are still here. I have noticed over the last month that so many have disappeared and it doesn't make sense to me.

I don't think those users understand that this is the time to grow and should take advantage of the easy steem.


Many of us follow but everyone is not active steemit. Currently the number of active users is very low. I have followed many people but I have seen that very few people are active now. I have found that @ rehan12 is the most active of my followers


I can't calculate it for sure, Indonesia has a significant user in the steemit platform, even the Indonesian tag is the third country tag on the platform with the most users and the largest in Southeast Asia.

With the decline in the price of steem and SBD, of course, it will affect the duration of the posting of steemian friends in Indonesia. But so far I have seen many friends who are consistent on the platform, especially those who like passion photography.

But I didn't catch up, many of my friends were no longer active on the platform. Hopefully those who are still active are still consistent with the Steemit platform that I hope.