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How can AI be used in the medical system?

An Artificial intelligence can really play a very important role in actually dealing with massive medical datas and actually turning those datas into a valuable treasure...

I believe that With the artificial intelligence(AI) technology, the medical data could be actually collected in a very short period of time compared with that of a traditional manual work and can also actually be extracted as an organised data which would really help hospitals to really improve all their complimentary health services.....

it also a fact that most Human doctors do actually work with a logic and also first principles... A medical doctor will actually use some several sources of data,a personal knowledge and also experience to actually put together the actual pieces and also make a diagnosis....but i believe an AI technology will help to analyse the actual symptoms completely in a different manner. It will also be able to actually process the every single symptoms together with actually all the biological informations about a patient such as the age, the health and medical history e.t.c which in return would help to make more accurate diagnosis in the medical field... and i think that would also make it easy to be able to analyse the actual DNA of a patient...


In medical diagnosis.

Medical diagnosis is usually carried out by a team of doctors with years of practice and experience in such field. Wouldn't it be possible for an AI to go through every case ever recorded about such a case and present a very likely cause? That's precisely what they do.

IBM Watson is already being tested in medical diagnosis, it's producing results that are quite interesting.

Not only are they able to diagnose, they do so at incredible speed which can be a life saver in a life or death situation.

Another area worth mentioning is in surgical procedures. When sufficiently advanced, AIs just might be able to carry out operations to inch accuracy and in record time too.

The possibilities are limitless.


First we should look into, "What AI is?"

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the technology which has the capability to learn, decide and act accordingly.

So, if an AI is designed for the medical system, let say for functioning like a doctor (physician) and has the qualification of a physician, then it will learn and prescribe like a human physician and will gain experience like him/her.

AI can also be used in other fields of medical systems, but the main difference is, we could expect almost zero mistakes from a fully matured AI. But, first we need to develop such an artificial intelligence, and with the progress in this field, we can hope to see a far more advanced AI system than currently are employed.