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How do you treat a simple cold?
How do you treat it? Are you usually consulting your doctor or trying home remedies fits? List your home remedies.

Simple cold is something that emerges because of heat imbalance in the body. It can happen either if the body is too cold or too hot. In both the cases people usually get simple cold. I never go to doctor usually for anything. I make sure I take enough rest so that ill health is automatically healed by the body itself. Our body has a self healing mechanism. Just to compare ourselves with other living beings in the world, if a dog needs a medicine it automatically goes and finds a herb and eats it. It is quite common and I have seen it multiple times. They live closely with nature and when they have a need they know what they should be doing. 

It is just humans who have lost our origin and so dependent on others. It includes me as well. It can also be said as a side effect of modernization. Have a specialized person to treat medical conditions is really good. But at the same time basic issues that we have in our health should be treated by ourselves. This is my humble opinion. As a human being we should be knowing how to take care of our body naturally. What works for us and what will not work for us. Simple cold is something that will just need some basic things. 

A good night sleep

Problems related to simple cold can easily be handled with a good night sleep. Our body has its own self healing mechanism. That functionality in the body is very active during our sleep. As I always say "Sleep heals all body related problems and time heals all mind related problem." Simple cold can be easily handled with the help of a good night sleep. During my college days I used to have cold almost every single day. It was quite challenging to find out what was the reason. I went to doctor and their recommendations were worst. One of the doctor asked me to take a tablet life long to keep eosinophils rate stable in my body. Really for a simple cold?

That's how the treatments are being made. Then later upon observation I identified that lack of proper night sleep was causing the issue for me. If I don't sleep well during night, my next day is completely ruined and I will also not be able to focus the next day. People might argue saying that they stay awake during night and sleep during day time. That intention is scientifically wrong. Our body is designed in such a way to stay awake during day time and rest during night time. Our biological cycle evolves around the sun and as we are more dependent on Sun we have to rest when Sun is not there and be active when Sun is back. You can do your research online to understand more scientific reasons for it. So a good night sleep and regular sleep can do wonders in healing simple cold problems. 

Homemade remedies

Even after having a good night sleep, some people might see the simple cold continuing. If it was me, I will still definitely not go to a doctor at this point. There are several home made remedies available. You can probably look forward to take some home remedies before going to doctor. Turmeric with pepper in milk helps in handling the cold. If you have little bit of throat infection as well along with cold, you can also try salt water gargling. These are all something that gives good relief. If the situation is not getting controlled, you have to obviously consult a doctor because it is no longer a simple cold. Even for some continuous health problems, I don't really go to a doctor or consult a doctor. I usually handle it by myself. I know few herbs that helps in handling problems related to cold. I drink the extract of those herbs to sort out the health issue. Only on extreme cases where I cant really do anything about it, I approach a doctor. 

For viral infections and any particular diseases, approaching the right expert is the best solution. Some people might say that even complicated diseases starts with just a simple cold and we should not hesitate it. If that is the case we have to definitely take it serious. Home based remedies are really helpful for certain health conditions. Usually when cold happens for kids, both the kid as well as parents panic and the only option they choose is to take the kids to the doctor. In India even in such situations we look forward to provide home based medicines first and only on extreme situations we go to doctor. If we lead a natural life, by eating healthy food, we will not have any necessity to go to doctor at all. Our body condition will be perfect and intact. 

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There is usually no reason consult a doctor because the symptoms are mild and last only up to a week. My home remedies are the usual: rest and hot drinks. Because fever may be among the symptoms one should drink a bit more than usual. Also, adequate hydration keeps the mucous membranes from drying up. Hot drinks alleviate the soreness of throat. Throat lozenges and over the counter medicine containing analgesics work well, too. Honey dissolved in tea or other hot drinks helps as well. Cough medicines for children are not shown to work. It is not recommended for adults, either, unless the cough makes it impossible to sleep or get through the day. The symptoms of the common cold usually only last for a few days and rest and plenty of drink are usually all that is needed.

What is called the common cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. Over 200 different viruses have been identified as the cause of the common cold, rhinoviruses being the most common ones. It affects mostly the nose, sinuses, throat and larynx. It's called the cold because it is more common during the cold season. It is always caused by a virus but the risk factors include stress, young age (under six), smoking and the season. Stress and and young age are related to weakened immune function. Smoking and the cold dry winter season make the mucous membranes in the upper respiratory tract dryer and more vulnerable to infection. In the winter, people spend more time indoors in close proximity to each other, which increases the likelihood of infection.

During the cold season, it is a good idea to try and prevent the disease by maintaining good manual hygiene. If one has started to feel that one might be coming down with a cold, it has been shown that it is possible to prevent the infection or to make it less severe by increasing one's intake of vitamin C and zinc. There exist over the counter medicine containing both vitamin C and zinc. It only helps in the beginning of the infection. Vitamin C and zinc in the form of zinc acetate or gluconate work by making it more difficult for the viruses to latch on to uninfected cells in the mucous membrane. They should be ingested in a tablet and let the tablet slowly dissolve in the mouth. 


My sister-in-law is actually a doctor and she doesn't recommend prolonged medicine intake because of the possible rebound that's why I stopped taking medicine for colds. She suggested to have plenty of rest, drink a lot of fluids, and focus in strengthening one's immune system. Vitamin C can somehow help. Recently, I had a bad cold and I am glad it stopped in less than two days with just resting and fluids.


Simple cold can trigger many worse conditions like headache, vomiting or even a cough congestion. Taking it lightly can cause you chronic diseases. 

I am very much prone to cold, so what do I do?

  • Get warm and stop cold "drinks"
  • Never throw yourself on temporary pills
  • Stop junk foods and eat healthy
  • Don't expose yourself to heavy jobs, take rest
  • A nap is the good start to cure it quickly

Home remedies

  • Pineapple slices (Simple cold sometime causes sough congestion, Pineapple is the best remedy for this)
  • Tulsi-Ginger tea
  • Turmeric milk ("golden milk" recipe -  https://www.freshbitesdaily.com/turmeric-milk/) 
  • No oily foods
  • Keep a inhaler for blocked nose

I don't really think a simple cold requires treatment.  Take some vitamins, get good sleep and eat well.  

Colds are a normal human condition. 


If it's really a really cold, then just take plenty of fluids and adequate rest. Leave your immune system to deal with it if it's competent enough to do so. There's no need for lengthy posts to cover this fact.