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What do you think about a chef getting the Peace Nobel Prize this year?
An American chef, Jose Andres (49) has been nominated for the Peace Nobel Prize this year. The chef is serving free meals for people suffering due to natural calamities. He would be the first chef to get the Nobel Prize.


Actually i don't see anything bad in a chef been nominated for the peace Nobel prize for this year.

If actually the chef have done all the things required for him or her to be nominated, or rather passed all the test, tasks all needed for him or her to be nominated, then I don't see anything bad in it. He deserve it and we shouldn't allow his profession because he is a chef to make us feel bad for him about the award or to limit him not to have the award.

I will say a big congratulation to him and I pray that he continue to do all the good works he has done for him to be nominated. Who knows maybe he will be the one to win the next year prize also.

So I will it is great achievement both For the chef and all in general. So once again, congratulation to him.



What is a nobel peace prize??

well The Nobel Peace Prize. ..Since the month of March in 1901, it is an award that has been often awarded annually to the individuals that have actually "done the best great work for the fraternity between different nations, also individuals that stood for the abolition or the actual reduction of the standing armies and also for the actual holding and the promotion of the peace congresses.....

Now if a chef actually engaged in such feats mentioned above then he or she can of course get the nobel peace prize ,the profession of an individual is not the major factor which decides if they can win a nobel peace prize or not....

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I like the idea that anyone can receive this award and not just politicians who are trying to make  a name for themselves.

Over the years I think the award has become less important as when we look at the winners some of them are  a joke. For this award to start meaning something I think this is the way they need to go.

People who do things and don't expect recognition in return are the ones that should be supported. This chef is  a prime example of someone doing good because he wants to and for no other reason.