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What is the dapp that is most profitable to delegate to?
I know many people like to delegate as they think it's a good way to earn some Steem. What is the most profitable dapp to delegate to?


Musing is a platform that allows people to ask questions and also allows others to make contributions to the questions asked by a way of answering them.

Here, everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as they can prove why they think their opinions or answers are correct. A platform that allow users to earn by sharing deep thoughts bordering different issues in life ranging from family to finances to health to cryptocurrencies to blockchain technology to sex to religion to love to arts, science, psychology etc deserves huge support and SP delegation.

This will be highly profitable on all sides as it will allow all parties the opportunity to derive value from their contributions. It will also encourage more expressions of what people really think about different issues and topics.

The ultimate good of this is that it will add to knowledge and as well create a knowledge pool on the steem blockchain. People can easily search for information or people's knowledge on different topics.

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I personally think that Magic-dice and Actifit are the two such dapps from where one can derive maximum profit by delegation to the dapp.


In magic-dice, the number one benefit of delegating to this dapp is that you will get MAGIC tokens and these tokens are like security tokens as you will get a pie of the dividends on daily basis  in proportion to the MAGIC tokens you hold. 

Further if you calculate and compare the profit or ROI on the basis of delgation to any other form, then you can find that the ROI is much much better. The other benefits also include of getting upvotes from time to time to your post, although there is some other form of rules in that. 


If you delegate to Actifit dapp then you can earn AIFIT tokens daily, along with upvotes to your actifit post(if you post) from their actifit account. AFIT tokens will have more use-cases and features of using it in near future and they are constantly working to make its utility better. 

Further,  they also give weekly delegator share payments based on the amount you have delegated. They pay in Steem and SBD.  But the most interesting part which I like about Actifit dapp is that you can trade your AFIT tokens to earn upvotes from them. For that the user needs to verify by paying one time payment which is 1 STEEM only and then the user is eligible to trade AFIT token to get upvotes from them. 20 AFIT tokens roughly worth 1.1 usd upvote and in my opinion that is a good value. 

Apart from the above two, there are other good dapps like Share2steem and Steemhunt which are both equally good. But from my own calculation, I find Actifit and Magic-dice as much more profitable. However Steemhunt is really a good dapp and you can benefit by banking upon with more HUNT tokens by delegating to them apart from hunting products. So there are many types of use-cases of these dapp tokens and it will become more usable once SMT will be released. So it is good time to earn those dapp tokens either by delegating or by engaging with the respective dapps.


I really think a lot of it depends on the amount of SP that you have available to spare.  I delegate to a lot of different projects.  If you are someone that would have had a lot of SP to delegate to Steemhunt back when delegation first became an option, you could be holding a lot of tokens from them right now.  The fact that they are now being listed on exchanges and able to be traded for other forms of crypto could have made it a very lucrative investment for you.  

For users like me that only have a small amount of SP to spare, it doesn't make any sense to delegate to them now.  It is something that I should have done right at the beginning so my tokens would be able to accumulate and grow gradually over time.  

Dlike is one that I was able to delegate to pretty early and I now hold a decent amount of tokens.  Not as many as some people do, but it is still a good amount.  It has been a relatively small SP delegation for me, but as I said, I did it early so I had the ability to accumulate those tokens over time.  

I think Wherein is growing and has the potential to reach a huge market.  That is another one that I just recently started delegating to.  Partiko is another.  Both of these give me a small upvote on my posts and Wherein gives me some return in the form of a little STEEM every now and then.

Magic Dice is decent because it gives me their MAGIC tokens as part of the delegation.  The problem is you have to acquire so many of the MAGIC tokens to be able to do anything with them.  I have about 20k of them now, but that still only gives me about .1 STEEM per day in dividends. My ultimate goal would be to have enough MAGIC tokens that I can earn one STEEM per day in dividends.  That would basically give me one free roll of the dice each day to try and increase my STEEM.  To get enough MAGIC tokens to do that though you would either have to bet a lot of STEEM or delegate a huge amount of SP.

If you are a smaller account, I think one of the best things you can do is delegate SP to @steembasicincome.  This will boost your shares and it gives you an upvote on every single one of your posts that you write for your lifetime on STEEM.  I have been buying and gaining shares through delegation for quite some time now and I automatically get a $.30 - $.40 upvote on every single one of my posts because of that.  It is really a great way to help grown your account when you are a small fish.  

Before you delegate it is important to determine what you can gain from doing so.  If you are a small account and you are going to lose more in curation rewards than you gain from delegating, it probably isn't a great idea.