Money is to reach power, do you agree?

Money is just a tool, no more, no less. The same way as a knife, or a hammer is a tool.

The thing is, that money is a very powerful tool, which can accumulate more wealth, and with that, more influence and power. Money is not about money, money is about power.

So yes, money  is used to reach power, and people's hunger for more power is unstoppable in some people.

And, since we're on the topic anyway, why do we need power? Well, for that, just take a look at our closest relatives, chimps. Or in fact, nearly all animals. Being the strongest, most powerful animal of the group, gives you the opportunity to mate with the best and the most partners.

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You can really purchase influence with cash. So its a basic condition. For what reason do you think lawmakers fund-raise from rich associations and rich individuals amid decision time… this is a result of entryway ism and buy of impact which is the thing that the government officials are hawking.

Its an old framework and can't be discussed. The rich wind up with the influence easily and notwithstanding their best aims. Let's be honest… you are rich, you are a demi-god along these lines you are amazing in light of the fact that you get things going or not occur as you wish.

What number of needy individuals can flaunt suchcapacities except if they go to the picket lines and challenge and toward the finish of the dissent the rich person shows up with a sack loaded with money and makes the appropriate response that the picketers are searching for and put in many days battling for. There is cash control in that spot mate !