How to reconquer a woman?

Lol. Hold on there for a second, Alexander. I don't think human beings are things to be "conquered" or "reconquered" for that matter. I can assure you that going to a lady with the mindset of "conquering" her is one of the fastest ways to make sure that you never get the girl to like you.

If you do mean, however, to inquire as to the methods by which you can get a girl back after falling out. Perhaps after a break up that wasn't consensual then I'll tell you that the way to win her back mostly depends upon the circumstances surrounding the falling out in the first place.

If it was a case of an ugly break up where you both hurled things at each other and cursed and shouted and screamed and everything then I can tell you that winning her back won't be a very easy affair. Same goes for a breakup where the cause of the split was entirely your fault--perhaps due to a flaw of character or your infidelity.

Women mostly don't take well to guys who hurt them in the past. Seeing as they tend to give their all in relationships and expect the guy to reciprocate equally, any guy who had been giving a first chance and screwed it up is mostly likely to never get another chance. Thankfully though in cases where the guy really is penitent and willing to change and really loves the girl and is willing to do what it takes, there is still a slight probability that the girl can be won back.

And the very first thing to do is to examine what went wrong in the first place and decide for yourself if there is still hope. Because most of the times during the immediate period after a breakup we feel as though the whole world is going to end with that person and this feeling prompt us to forget or reasoning and try to succumb get the person back.

But you have to give yourself some time to reflect on what you did, or what caused the breakup if you wasn't your fault, so that you can analyse the situation and really come to that conclusion that you absolutely do want to get the person back, and you're not just feeling that way because you miss the person or you feel like your happiness is entirely dependent on them.

After haven't done this then; having decided that you truly want that person back, not just because of a fleeting nostalgia, but because you really DO care for the person and really do love the person, then you can start to work on your flaws and making yourself better. You try to fix in yourself whatever fault you might have shown to the person that may have caused the person to break off that relationship in the first place.

It's only after having shown yourself tangible evidence that you can fix these things and that you're very well capable of adjusting, that you should then try to win the girl back. Because without this not only is the girl not very likely to not take you back, but also even if she does, the very same flaws will still be present, and the same cycle will still repeat itself, leaving both of you even more hurt and feeling more stupid than you did in the first place.

So after you've worked on the flaws that caused the relationship to break down the first time around, then you work on making yourself an even better person than you were during the first relationship. The goal here is to make yourself not only better than your flaws but better in general as a person. This way you'll become more attractive to even people who are not the girl you're trying to win back, and when you become attractive to other people this gives you a sort of "it-factor" that turns the table around, and draws the girl that you are after, after you.

So that in the end you don't even have to do all the work; all you have to do is make yourself better in every single aspect of life, make yourself someone desirable again. And think, if when you were a flawed person she was attracted to you, imagine how even more attracted she'll be when she finds that you've made yourself an even better person all round than you were back then.

Now almost as important as the things that you have to do all the things that you should make sure not to do. And among them are, one, acting creepy. Please for the love of God don't be creepy. Don't stalk her or bug her or crash her DM with romantic poems every single time.

Give her space; give YOURSELF space. Don't be obsessive. This might be hard at first of course because you miss her and you feel like you fucked up and you need to be with her every single time and just try to let her know how sorry you are, but this method only gets her more estranged. The thing to do, like I said, is give her spac. Let her miss you, even if just a little. Even if you don't know it.

And finally in the end after you've made your move to get her back, you have to be willing to respect her decision. Don't go all psycho boyfriend. Have confidence and self respect. Use it as a stepping stone in life. Learn from the experience. Go work on yourself some more without her in mind. Indirectly this might even help get her to chase after you BUT you must never have that in mind, else you'll just find yourself in a crazy agonizing loop.

Cheers and have a nice day.

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I think I understand this question perfectly, even though it sounds edgy in some way, it is actually a question that has had a lot of people face countless dramatic scenarios in their relationships. No doubt a lot of us have at one time lost something so precious to us. Heck they even say we wouldn't appreciate the worth of something till we loose it. So does it mean those things are gone for life? Well, not always. Some are regained, reconquered, recollected, however it is put, sometimes, all is not lost and I will tell you in few steps how a woman can be reconquered. 

1. You have to be a better person

Obviously you lost your woman because one or two things went wrong in the first place, fine, admit your mistakes, and be a better person, not just for that person, but for yourself as well, if you don't work on yourself, you'd end up loosing every new woman that comes into your life. Your woman wouldn't want you back, because there is no way she wants to settle for a roller coaster, if you're going to reconquer your woman, you must be a better person than you were in all aspects of your life.

2. You need to get her gifts

Oh yes, if you can't afford to splurge on her then maybe you don't really need her to be reconquered, there is magic  when a man showers his woman with gifts, it makes them feel special, heck it makes everyone feel special, yes make your woman feel untop of the world, you owe it to her, it shows your seriousness and level of determination in howfar you're willing to make her feel special. A lot of time, we serenade our women with words, when you need something as much as reconquering, you got to do than just talk this time, you have to appeal to her hormones of surprise, excitement and pleasure. You need to show her utmost irrevocable love and  attention. Spoil her.

3. You need to rebuild your trust

Building trust can be sometimes difficult, building a broken trust, is even more difficult. If you're thinking of reconquering your woman, there is a chance that your trust has been broken, and sure you will need to work extra hard to build it up again, so you need to be ready to be doubted, often, accept it as part of your punishment or whatever, then gradually allow her to trust you again. And the best way of doing this is constantly assuring her and actually not messing up. 

Different things work for different folks, everyone is wired in a different way but these highlighted points will work with a lot of women, it won't ultimately get you your woman back, but it will sure put you on your way there. You have to know your woman and really be in love with her, then things to do will naturally come to you. I hope these few points help shed some light on this issue.


It is a difficult question because to reconquer is a word where it is assumed that you have already lost it. Unless you are a couple with whom you have a long time and want to relive the passion, reconquer refers to a huge effort that in most cases does not depend on you. When the decision is made not to continue with the couple, it is because there is a perception that the resources that I am investing do not return in sufficient benefits, the benefits can be simple personal satisfaction, personal fulfillment and personal project. The truth is if you've made a mistake and you've tried everything, I would recommend you go away before getting hurt from there, if she already told you she does not want to be with you there is no magic formula to make you love you. That said I proceed to give you some tips that may be useful.

1-Talk to her, ask her what happened, because things happened that way. After the feedback, suggest a last chance, tell them you feel how things happened and that you are willing to amend any mistakes made. Warning, do not beg, do not crawl, do not kick, because these things are the ones that scare away women and in general anyone. If it says it is not NO.

2 - Try again quietly and decently in a few months, but to be honest the answer may be similar, you will evaluate how necessary that is.

3-Make your life and be happy, if she sees you happy and with more girls there are tiny possibilities that change your mind and come closer to you. Warning, I said be happy, not apparent. If you focus on being happy you will not mind if she comes back or not, and if she does, I recommend that you do not accept her because in itself the relationship between the two is based on wanting to be happy for someone else and not for yourself.

I hope you serve these tips


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Nowadays, It is common that our relationship destroy sometimes. Phisical abuse , misunderstanding, extra marital affairs, etc. are the reasons for the destruction of a good relationship. If the faith of your partner losses , sometimes it becomes so defficult to reconqure her. But it doesn't mean that it's not possible.  

you follow all these steps you can reconquer women easily but there  should be sincerity and patience to do all this,

  1. Give her time instead of calling or messaging continuously and asking apologies and make her feel annoying but also make sure you don’t stop contacting completely which makes her feel you are completely moved on. Check about her health once in a while.
  2. Develop yourself by spending time on your hobbies and interest rather than worrying what she will be doing and wasting the time. 
  3. Find out what was the problem, where it went wrong and change yourself if the mistake was on your side because changed behavior can impress anyone than apologies. Make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake again because no girl will give you a second chance.
  4. Attend all the events wherever you could meet her act normal but at the same time don’t make her feel you are completely over her. Make eye contacts and be friendly with her.
  5. Make her understand that you are not the same person like before prove her that you have changed and give her confidence that you are not gone repeat the same mistake again.
  6. Once you feel she is comfortable and  ready for spending time with you don’t be too soon to show all your emotions give some time for her to accept you. Start from first make her remember all the good things you do for her and prove that you changed.
  7. Once you both become normal and you are confident that she loves you again then propose her start living your life but never ever repeat the same mistake again in your life because it wont work out again even if you try so hard.

"Reconquer...?" 🤔


Do couples prefer to go eat together with their friends compared to you ?! Do you feel that he is always busy and rarely has time to be alone with you ?! After knowing what things can make a partner withdraw from you, then now is the time for you to improve yourself so you can reach your heart and attention again. Begin asking for advice or opinions in making decisions, but do not make the impression depend on it. Even when asking for help, you need to be selective so that he doesn't feel like he is failing or embarrassed if he is unable to fulfill it. Many men will respect their partners for help. Recall the longing or implied request of what the partner had expressed and began to fulfill it if possible. No one can continue to ignore loving and understanding actions. If you succeed in making him feel special, you will increase his longing to do the same for you. Praise yourself in front of other people, like children, family, and friends. Try to appreciate your husband's work. Try to understand why that is important to him. If you do that, you might be the only hope for him to gain self-esteem. Never criticize your husband's work, even if it is below your expectations. Listen to your partner without negative prejudice. Don't cut it off! Wait until he finishes talking, then you can give comments, questions, or input. Frequently express appreciation for your husband, for being in your life, or for things (even trivial) that he does for you. The rewards that you give should not always be in the form of words of praise or flattery, but can be real actions such as paying attention when he gets home from work, looking as attractive as possible for him, preparing his favorite menu, or showing interest in work, activities, problems it faces, and also the achievements it has achieved. The worst thing you can do when he comes home from work is to welcome him with negative comments about something he forgot to do or a 'disaster' that you experienced that day. Use your sensitivity to detect your partner's personal goals and give your support to him while he pursues that goal. As he spoke, listen attentively while looking into his eyes. Don't 'ignore' the conversation with other activities, such as changing clothes, texting, or something else. Apologize sincerely every time you offend him. Because both men and women have the same tendency, namely avoiding people who offend them. One of the best ways to apologize is to apologize without a defense, reason, especially by blaming others.


I Dont think a person would rexonquer a women. If the territory is lost, usually it can't be gained back at all. It's almost impossible. After a women is lost, it's only usually friend zone and no more into a romantic relationship.