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How can you increase your level of intelligence?

Enhancing intelligence has distracted society since French analyst Alfred Binet conceived the main IQ test. From that point forward, the thought that intelligence can be aligned has opened new roads into making sense of how it can likewise be expanded.

Mental researchers have been on the bleeding edges of adjusting intelligence. So much intelligence is hereditarily decided, it is, to an expansive degree, innate. Be that as it may, there are still a few territories in which it very well may be pliant.

Intelligence is for the most part separated into two classes: liquid intelligence and solidified intelligence. Liquid intelligence is the capacity to reason in a unique way and tackle issues. Somebody who can think of many new uses for, say, a toothbrush would show prevalent liquid intelligence. Furthermore, this is actually the sort of intelligence that has a tendency to decrease as we become more seasoned. The obtaining of scholarly aptitudes, or the capacity to peruse and grasp, is known as solidified intelligence, and this shape has a tendency to enhance as we age.

Specialists talked about two ways to deal with enhancing intelligence: one that included psychological preparing and another that concentrated on pharmacological mediations. In a survey of the endeavors to enhance intelligence, analysts found that 40 to 60 percent of those endeavors were not fruitful.

What this implied, in any case, was that there were still 40 to 60 percent of methodologies that really worked. Most as of late, modernized subjective preparing intended to enhance consideration, working memory, and official control has indicated colossal guarantee in enhancing execution, particularly in liquid intelligence.

Intelligence can't be expanded by taking a pill, yet conceivably it very well may be moved forward. The inquiry from a pharmacological point of view is the thing that organic frameworks should be focused to enhance intelligence at various ages. Some stimulant pharmaceuticals upgrade fundamental response time and handling time, however not memory or higher request undertakings. Then again, the herbs ginko biloba, ginseng, and an Indian herb known as brhami have exhibited some ability to enhance working memory.

At last, the following incredible development in estimating intelligence will be to gauge it outside of the research facility. Life is an intelligence test, and the test is the means by which it tends to be scored


The easiest way for anyone to increase his/her intelligence is through books. Reading has a way of opening our minds and make our minds more creative, imaginative and adventurous. Reading and researching is a great way to increase our intelligence and broaden our minds.

Someone once said that, "we travel around the world and share in the knowledge and experiences of men of wisdom and knowledge through reading". Reading great books from great authors opens and enlightens your mind. That's the greatest way to gain intelligence


On December 31, at the time of the toast, I raised the glass and joined in unison with my family "Cheers!" ... laughter, smiles, hugs ... and I, looking reflexively at the glass, in silence. Inside it twelve grapes (for my tradition, purposes to fulfill this year).

-What do you want to accomplish, old man? -I asked myself.

-Mmm -I thought a long time, I moved away to a quiet place to reflect long, deep, slowly ...

-I want to be smarter - I told myself.

-And what is intelligence?

From now on I will tell you my thoughts and thoughts to which I arrived. I explored what intelligence was to give me an idea of ​​where to direct my steps and I found an answer that seemed reasonable to me that went something like this: "Intelligence is a set of skills that a person develops and that includes: linguistic intelligence, mathematical logic , spatial, musical, corporal and kinesthetic intelligence, intrapersonal, interpersonal, emotional, naturalistic, existential, creative and collaborative "this was a great step towards my objective. I, personally, analyzed my weaknesses and realized certain intelligences that did not I had considered them "not very useful" and it should be noted that when I was developing them I improved in several aspects of my life such as human relations, my ability to talk to people, etc.

What I did was buy a musical instrument and work on it musical intelligence

Start reading books, I started with fantastic literature, linguistic intelligence

I enrolled in dance classes body intelligence and kinesthetic


And think about it, look at the great geniuses that the planet Earth gave us: Einstein (logical mathematician), Mozart (musical), Picasso (creativity), Shakespeare (linguistics), etc.

In short, you want to increase your intelligence. Work your weak areas, do not underestimate them. Increase your intelligence as I did


There are several techniques and habits you can use to increase your level of Intelligence. Like going to the gym regularly to improve and increase your physique, the brain also needs to be train and task regularly to improve it.

Image Streaming.

This technique was from DR Win Wenger in his book, The Einstein Factor. It is straightforward, simply close your eyes and focus, there will be stream of images. Describe those images as overly as possible. And do it fast.

We often use one hemisphere of our brain at the expense of the other, especially in academics. This technique helps create connections between the left hemisphere which is responsible for language (hence, the description) and the right hemisphere (creative part). The image Streaming technique can increase Intelligence level by 2 every month, doing it five minutes everyday. You can grab the book to read more about that.


Increasing your Intelligence level will likely be more fruitful with compound efforts. There are habits that can make your improvement rapid.

* Listening deeply to music for at least 15 minutes everyday.

* Play games that put your brain to work. Games like chess, Scrabble, wordplay and the likes.

* Exercise helps too. I wrote a post about this few months back. Physical movement, especially exercise increase the production of BDNF and endorphins. Dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin are also released.

* Meditation is also an exercise that increases the blood flow in your brain. It improves concentration, memory and your level of Intelligence generally.

* Reading Of course.

* Solve a lot of calculation mentally. This is one of the habits I ingrained in my student when I was teaching mathematics. It is a great way of tasking the brain and increasing its capacity. It worked for a good number of them.