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Why are there many people who think they need to be rich to be happy?

The truth is that from time to time there is a whole trend (and even pressure) to find a unique and infallible path, which serves everyone, to achieve happiness. I suppose there can be many situations that make people associate happiness with money, sometimes there is a relationship with childhood or life periods in which they have lived unhappily and there were also serious economic deficiencies ... therefore, it is associated one thing to the other (although we all know that there are environments that despite having very low income are very healthy and happy).

Then, there is another aspect of this concept that has much more to do with how socially we have linked happiness with consumption, that is, in a certain way they have sold us the idea that we can not be happy if we do not have the latest in all products that are selling us and logically to have such amount of items or that lifestyle that show us how successful and happy we need to have a significant amount of money. Therefore, indirectly we do an inverse logic and deep down we start to believe a message like "if you are not capable of having this you will be a miserable person"; but when you go a little deeper and leave the marketing we can see that there are people and cultures that are not in such a consumer environment, to call it in some way, and yet are broadly happy because they have skills in such basic aspects as having awareness of themselves, manage their inner state and emotions, connect with nature, strengthen healthy relationships, among many others that are completely free


Many people think that they should be rich to be happy. They believe that money give them everything and can't live happily without money. This kind of people always try to be  with rich people and adopt their lifestyle. They think that being rich is everything. When they are rich they will get everything, prestige , power , social status etc. They think that if they are rich then only they can lead a prosperous life. Most of them want to rich in order to lead a luxurious life. They would like to buy branded products, wish to use luxury cars, etc .  

 The important point is financial security you don't know when you'll be in need of money if some loss happens in business or if you lose your job suddenly or because of health reason money becomes a valuable one No one can manage life without money. If u have good backup financially then you can live life happily spending time with family and friends rather than doing over duty and being cautious while spending money.

All the rich people are not happy, there may be some problems in all persons life.They may have enough money but family life may be a problem vice versa some may be poor but they will be happy with family and friends they never care about money and savings.

In my point of view money is definitely needed in everyone's life but once you feel you are settled enjoy your life with family and friends rather than making more money and wasting your life.Being rich will not be a happiness but being with right people and doing what you love without the fear of future will brings real happiness.


I think it's partly the fault of how media and social networks work nowadays. People are often portraying an image of themselves that's simply not true. You see everyone on expensive vacations with expensive cars, nice restaurants, etc. They act like they have it all and are living the life. Then people feel like they are missing out because their life sucks and they want the same things.

But it's just an illusion in the end, more money is often more problems. Because money is like a little child, you have to keep an eye on it 24/7. I'm in the investment business, it's a hard job to manage money. But people only show you the nice things not that they are working hard, nobody want's to see that.

And it's like people want all those stuff they don't need to impress people they don't really like and therefor work jobs they don't want to do. We as humans have a need for consumerism. I think that comes from the fact that we needed things for survival. So our brain rewards us when we collect things because that used to ensure our survival. 


It is simply because they have misconceptions about what true happiness is. We live in society that have been 'brainwashed' into thinking happiness comes from shopping, driving an exotic car, living in a mansion and so on.

This is made more so by advertising which have ingrained consumer mentality into people. Telling people they deserve the best. So they go for that latest gadget or 'toy' when the old one is serving them well. Just because they deserve it. Most people now think been rich will buy them all the things they deserved and desired.

It is not really idea of been rich that makes people think they will be happy but the idea of spending money of cool stuffs that will bring that happiness. But the happiness from spending only brings happiness that is fleeting. Buying new stuff is like getting high on drugs, they make you high before bring you back to earth and reality again.

The intoxication of buying new stuff only last for a couple times of its first use. Then it becomes like every other toy. New 'best' stuffs are being produced everyday. Happiness that depends on buying will only lead to frustration. This explain why lottery winners are more frustrated than they were before winning it in a relatively short period of time.

Been poor doesn't make anyone happy. Been rich can bring happiness if you know how to spend. Spending money on others and see smiles on vulnerable people's faces can bring happiness that will last us for the rest of our lives.

it is also far better to spend those riches on going for experiences and creating memories with those we love. That way the satisfaction and happiness we get will from seeing their happiness and smiling faces will last us till the end as long as the memories.


I think that they think that there is something missing in their life.

You could have a wonderful family and a nice home but you are still working 9 to 5 to make ends meet. They can't see what they have in front of them and don't realise the riches they already have.

Greed can blind you to what is important in life and life shouldn't be judged on what is in your bank account. If you think that is happiness you won't know until it's gone.They judge their happiness in monetary terms and they will never be happy. How much is enough to make you happy, they will just want more.

Money can make things easier and take the stress away that we all know too well, but it will bring new stresses. We all would like riches but that is only part of the puzzle. You can be poor and very happy so money is not the issue. They need to look deeper to see what is really missing and it wont be money.


Through some of the above you can see that money can buy everything that is physical but there are things that can not be bought. These are spiritual values ​​that are more than happy. "Happiness" is two words often spoken of, in each of us are always doing and living to find happiness, but few people understand the meaning of the two words? Happiness sounds beautiful, but happiness is simple; Simple things, but why do we always try to find happiness. Happiness is the highest value that we always want to reach. Why money can buy so many things except happiness. Money can not buy happiness because of the happiness of a person, you can not measure with a tree or a certain pattern, and the more you can not use the value of money to measure and buy happiness.


 Actually, the answer is very simple.

"Assets determine the QUANTITY of our happiness, and not the quality".

So, according to my point of view, happiness is indeed determined by various factors, and one of them is wealth and wealth.

Imagine, if you want to buy something your children ask for, and you can't give it. Of course, pain in the heart, sadness, and various other feelings will mix. This is where prices play a role.

Even so, we still have to know that the quality of happiness is still determined by the "mindset" of humans themselves. If  it feels enough, then happiness will come, but if humans are too  greedy, even though they are already rich, they will not get what is  called "HAPPINESS". 


We live in such a materialistic world, so much temptation, peer pressure. Better cars. houses, luxury good, etc. It's just so easy to get lost and start to compete. 

Let's be honest, money does sometimes save a lot of trouble, you can get espress services even just to make an ID card by paying a bit extra. You can buy more comfort with money. But it's also not so simple as we think once we don't have much money. Money can bring a lot of stress too, maybe, I don't know, not rich enough to figure that out yet.


Its because economic wealth is so ingrained in our society! People often want what they dont have only to find out when they do have it that it doesnt make them happy. At the end of the day more money only buys you more 'things'. Some of the best eperiences of my life have cost little or no money. To have alot of money requires (for most people) a lifetime of dedication and persistence - and by that time life has gone by and you will have missed all the fun!

Most of the teachings of bhudda are about being happy with what you have and not placing such a high value on material possessions - I think something that lots of the world can learn from!


well ofcourse they'll consider themselves happy if they havo those things. They can go whereever they wanted, they can buy whatever they wanted. If they have money they won't feel worried later if they enjoyed too much because they have money to use whatever might happen. But those kind of way are those persons who dislike a simple life, not everyone anyway.


It is impossible to refuse money. Wealth by itself may not be worth it. But since I came to him, you will not refuse him '


Being Rich and Happiness are two different dimensions in reality and people very often mix it up and ended up in a dilemma. See this life, the whole journey right from your birth to death is not that simple and straightforward. You see "people are born millionaire" and you also people "who are striving for a piece of bread on day to day basis".

But yes, money can solve almost 70 to 80% problems of our life and that is because, our society and the whole Ecosystem has been designed in such a way that money is the most vital resource of our life and if you have this vital resource then your trade with other aspect of life can be done smoothly to a reasonable extent such as luxury, ease of doing anything that you are willing to, popularity, name fame, happiness to some extent etc, 

Further when you are up for trading happiness with money, initially it may seem like that happiness is at your doorstep just because you have money, but once you try to explore more about it then you will realize that happiness is really a precious gift of life and money is not all which can trade or buy happiness. This is simply because, the fundamental of happiness is not rooted with materialistic things of our life. "Happiness is not a commodity" that you can trade, rather it is an "eternal feeling of being".

Just imagine a millionaire not having legs, just go and ask him "what happiness is about from his perspective" and also ask him, can you get your legs with your money. He will simply say the happiest person in this earth is the person who is having a pair of leg, who can walk freely, run freely, and enjoy this life to the fullest. Money is nothing in front of that. For him, his money is not a vital resource. So it all depends.

So the bottom line is that "We have everything in our life, example, we have sound health, a physically able and fit person who can work hard to meet our daily needs and need for our future. But we still live in a sense of dissatisfaction and having so many complains. The moment we start to live in a sense gratitude to the almighty, we will start recognizing the beauty of what we have and that is the basis of life. 

Money is an important aspect of life, but it is not everything and take it in writing "money can buy happiness to some extent and depending upon circumstances when the happiness is attached to an accomplishment to physical world, but it can not buy the real happiness which is eternal".

Thank you and Have a great day.


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