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Do you have to give everything when you're in love?

No I don't think so, I honestly believe that when you're in a relationship with someone you have to decide what it is that you can and cannot give in that relationship. There's no rule anywhere that says that you have to give everything you have when you're in love, in fact, realistically speaking giving everything you have in any situation is a dumb idea if you ask me.

I firmly believe that everyone on the planet has a finite amount of love and that love we have is what we have to share between ourselves, family, friends and lovers. In fact let's keep it between lovers and ourselves. If you give everything you have when you're in love then you won't have anything left for yourself.

Let me put it this way, giving out all your love in a relationship will leave you with a love deficiency which can't be filled unless your lover gives you that same exact amount of love and even at that it won't be enough because the nature of self love is very different from the love we share with our partners.

I believe in unconditional love, but I'm not a fan of foolish love at all. How can you love someone else when you don't even have enough love to love yourself. If you give everything when your in love then you're going to end up hurting yourself and that's the truth.

I'd advice that anyone who's in love should take baby steps, give a little love at first then increase it gradually. If the person responds and gives you as much as you give them then give more, if not then you can just conclude that you've hit equilibrium and at that point you'll know just how much love you can give and receive in a relationship.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against trying your hardest to make a relationship work, I just believe that you should only push as hard as the person you're in love with is pushing. It's safer, smarter and will save you a lot of heartbreak.

I hope this helps.


No. That would be unwise. Being in love is a chemical cocktail altering your normal state of mind. Its purpose is to make you focus on your object of love and idolize them. The function of that is to get two strangers to stick around each other long enough to build intimacy and feelings of attachment, which will act as a glue to to keep them together after the infatuation wears off and they begin, often to their dismay, begin to see each other in a more realistic light. At that point, they would often have a baby on the way in our evolutionary history which would make it vital for the baby that the couple stay together. The hormones and neurotransmitters involved are powerful stuff. Cocaine affects the brain in a manner similar to infatuation. If you can, try not to give away the farm or something extreme like that when under the influence. 


Everything except your individuality, true love is based on self-love, that means you can not love anyone if you do not love yourself, self-love allows you to have better relationships because you do not merge your personality with the other that you form a team of two happy and complete people who contribute to each other. When such relationships are formed what is given is a decision to be together, a commitment based on the emotional freedom of each one, in that commitment everything is given to be fulfilled except the individuality, you should not abandon dreams, values , and important aspects of each one's life.


Yes you do have to give everything and not as a result of compulsion or persuasion, more like a normality, when one is in love, there is no holding back, you give all of yourself and you might not even know it. Just like when a baby is growing up and gradually begins to eat, no teaches us where our mouth is for us to put food in. When one is in love, one will subconsciously be willing to give everything as long as it is in favour of the relationship.