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WILL you donate your Steem account to someone else? WHY?

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No. I am not going to donate my STEEM account to someone. On the other hand I can lend some STEEM to create a new account for them if that's what they would like. 

I have spend time creating my own account, my reputation, community and friends. It's the summation of MY journey on STEEM to create a brand which I would like to keep forever. 

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This is one of the strangest questions I have ever read on the Musing platform. I am under the impression that the account in question is not a free account claimed with RC. Since I am here to kill time, allow me to tickle your fancy.

The only reason why you would giveaway your main account to someone else has to be a shady one. If I were to "donate" my account to someone, it would mean I wanted to disassociate myself from it.

What would I disassociate myself from? The cynical me could think of a few things.

1. Certain reputation on the platform

I am not referring to the pointless number next to our names. If I had a bad rep around the neighborhood, but still want to interact with the blockchain, it is an option.

2. Red herring for taxes, etc.

You cannot fool people with an understanding of the blockchain. If authorities manages to pin the accounts' previous activities to the new owner(s). Then, it is possible to get away scot-free. Until you get caught anyhow.

3. A set up/scam

I do not know the exact details, but this entails a scapegoat. I would be wary if someone offers their account to me without charge. Many Steemians are not familiar with the account recovery process. It is possible to scam the new owner(s) of funds after they have spent some time on your "former" handle.


Bottom line is, I would not do it because my account is my own. You should not accept a donated main account because of risks. Accepting claimed free accounts via resource credits is fine.

Good luck!


 If I had to enough steem power, there'd be no reason why I wouldn't donate steem to a worthy cause. It's what I like to do. I even have some delegations currently with a particular project.

However, there's only so much that one can don't with the little steem power available at our disposal. If I decide to delegate more steem, it would affect my activities here. As you know, a lot of the activities we do now on steemit is dependent on the amount of resource credit available which is also related to the steem power at our disposal.

If I controlled a larger stake, there are some projects I have highlighted that I would love to see come to the light. We've got some brilliant minded people here on this blockchain. They are only limited because they have so little influence. A bit more steem power would help them and would go a long way to seeing their steemit project thrive.

However, all of that is different from delegating steemit account too another person. Steemit accounts are what keeps us relevant in the blockchain. It's like giving someone your bank account. There's no amount of trust you could have on someone that would warrantee giving them control of your life source. Steemit is like that to some of us. 

It's like saying 'friend, would you love to come and work in my position in this company?' It just doesn't happen. 

So, the answer is NO. I wouldn't give someone access to my account on steemit, unless for a short period during which I know I won't be active and needing the account. 


I don't think I would donate my Steem account to someone else. They can work hard to create a Steem account that would go up in reputation. Donating has its risk. Imagine you spent around 2 to three years to built up this account and when another person takes over, the person we have donated our account to, did not do a proper job and just let the account be stagnant, the whole reputation would be jeopardized.

The only best option would be to sell off the account to someone else. Then I could guide that person on how to built up their Steem account and what to do to increase their reputation and so on.

Steem account is just like a bank account that is somewhat connected to us in real life. Handing it over would feel somewhat strange. I think it's better for someone to work hard on their own and increase their reputation and even earnings to know how it feels like to go up in ranks. It's also the same feeling as when your playing famous online games where it took hours and months for you to level up and to be brought down by someone who ruins the whole thing when you donated it to that person. That's my view.


No, my account is tied to me and people might think that actions done by the other people are done by me. Never will I give access to my account to someone else and neither should you. 

I would help them create an account by buying them one because getting people on the STEEM ecoystem benefits me and them and everyone else.


I was wondering why you choose "Will you" instead of "Would you"?

I will not and would not donate my account to anyone as I don't see what purpose would it serve. Donating my account would mean donating all my steem power, with steem and SBD, my reputation and my followers.

What would another person do with my account? Would the person work as hard as I've been in the last year to grow my account? I don't think so! If someone is eager to work hard, that person can get his/her account and work hard to get where I am. If that person needs help, why not just ask? In that case help can be a donation of steem, a delegation etc. In any case not an account donation.

So I won't donate my account because I'm the only one who can grow it!


The simple answer is no. I have worked to hard on this to just give it away. If you put in the hours of blood ,sweat and tears then you would understand it is more than just the money.

This account has more meaning than just the finances involved and if I had to would keep it and donate money instead. Maybe at some point way in the future I will leave it in my will for a family member, but while I am alive and kicking it is mine.

I can understand someone who hasn't grown their account the hard way and maybe invested funds to grow thinking like this. If you started from 0 then you would think totally differently. This account has me embedded in it and it is too personal to give away.

When you commit to something and sacrifice time and effort it takes on more meaning to that person. This account to me is priceless and worth more than just a monetary value.


I can't donate my steem account to someone else.


* My reason is because my blog is my office that I respect so much, I made myself available for the office anytime of the day.

If I see anyone interested on the activity of the platform, the least I can do is to help such person to create his or her own account. So donating my account will leave me idle.

* My steem account carries my data and my name which is very important. People already known the account to be mine. which means, I will be held responsible for any activity carried on the account.


It's a no. I can't donate my steemit account to someone else because it my identity. My blog is all about me my passion, ideas and some of my personal life so it will be like giving away a treasured piece of me to someone else

And secondly the name Prechyrukky is my identity and what most people know me for. I just can't give that to someone else. What of if the person use Prechyrukky in a bad way on the blockchain thereby tarnishing my image

I once end a financial crisis and the thought of selling my steemit account was on my mind but I'm glad I didn't. Because my Steemit account is much more than the earnings


I don't know why anyone would donate their STEEM Account to anyone especially because the account is certainly tied to the User in many ways. I will most certainly never Donate my STEEM Account to anyone.

I have spent One and a Half Year developing friendships and making my Follower Base. I have close to 5000 Followers as of now and even though most of them are dormant accounts I know that I still have around 1500 Active accounts that follow me and want to know about me. So why would I go and Donate my Account to someone else who may or may not be active on my Account at all.

I recently read a post where a Survey was done to see if users would leave their Facebook account for Money and it was found that some users were willing to leave their Facebook Accounts for a Year for a whopping 100000 USD per Year. That is a huge sum and I will tell you that even that sum wouldn't make me leave my Steemit Account.

The reason is quite simple for me, Steemit is the only place I am socially Active. I don't do Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat or anything else so this is the only place I express myself and there is no way I am going to leave this for Money or anything else.

Now if it is a matter of supporting new Accounts that I can do to some limits by either supporting Good Creators with Upvotes or by Delegating some SP to persons in Need. But giving out my STEEM account is just Huge.


This question is interesting and I am important. Why ? because one of the nature human being miserly. 

So because of that I will try to give answers based on my own perspective about it.

Maybe you already know what mean by "donation"? Maybe there are those who think that donations are joint ventures or donations and people who donate in an activity that aims to help a certain party is called a "donatur".

Regarding the above question, the question and the important thing to ask is "will you donate your steem to other people / parties" should the question not "WILL you donate your account to someone else?.

To help and support someone not by donating our account to other, but by delegating or donating some steem that we have to other people or certain projects with the aim that they can grow to be big.

Donate or delegate some steem I have to others and other projects I have done. and it I has done  it with the intention to help and support them.

For me, it is one of good deeds (charity) that we should apply in this life in order to grow solidarity among others. And also one of our contributions to others.

Donating and delegating a little of the assets we have does not mean reducing what we have but in essence it will increase.


I will pass it down to my children if Steem survives that long



Would be an incredibly irresponsible thing to do, when the financial needs of my own family aren’t taken care of first.


I wouldn't donate my account no matter what. I've been really devoted and earn every single steem token by putting in a lot of effort and time.

But if there was a in need I would delegate or even power down a portion of my account to help someone in need. It might sound selfish but I see steem as a means of my financial freedom too.


I won't donate my steem account to someone else, instead I can guide the person on how to open a new steem account. Or if the person is in need of steem, I can see to how I can help him but about the issue of donating my account which took me a while to earn my reputation to someone else who might not even take blogging seriously. It's a No No!


My straight answer will be no. I think there is no need to donate your account to someone. Just like you have unique identity. Your steemit account has a unique identity which express yourself, your character and your manners. People earns respect and fame and reward for this purpose they do a lot of effort. so, I would never think to donate whatever respect, fame I get from this amazing platform. Beside all these things we have many friends here from around the world. It's unfair for your steemian friends to donate your account. 

In my honest opinion if you want to help other steemian or your loves one you may transfer your reward in his/her account. This is the right way to help others. Donating your account may reduced your respect and fame. 


My answer is NO.

1. My account is personal. I am very much attached to it so I won't ever give it to others.

2. I worked hard for my account for about a year and a half, and build my reputation as well as raise my Steem Power. If someone asks for my account, I'll make them work for their own.

3. If they really want donation, it's better to give them a certain amount. Why would anyone asks for donation and ask for my Steemit account. That would be pretty irrational.

4. My Steemit account reflect my journey in the platform. I won't let anyone take my account.


well, it depends on the conditions attached to the request that's if I'm being requested to do so.


Don't think I am ever going to donate my steem account to anyone. I have worked very hard towards building my rep and steem power during the last year and do not want to give that over to anyone. Also I beleive that there is tremendous potential in steem blockchain and we haven't yet seen the long term value of steem unfold. We are nowhere close to even decent levels of adoption, the blockchain is young, development of dapps underway. I think it will still take may be 4 or 5 years to realize that long term value and i want to kee0 growing and building my account till then.


I won't donate my account. I use my account on personal stuffs. I even use my nickname as my account name. Giving your Steem account if it's personal account is like giving your old toothbrush to others. 😁

But if someone wanted an account I can help to create one for them.