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Which is the best sport?

100% football.

The athletics and brains it takes are unmatched in my opinion. 

Imagine a giant chess board and the pieces moving around are cars smashing into each other at full speed. It is beautiful. 


We have very good sports that are fun to play,what we

term as best sports may not be what someone else

term as best sports so i believe that there is no general way to pick a best sport because the best sport varies

for each individuals and everyone have what they have passion for...


Wow,this is such an interesting question I must say.

The best sport is based on the sport someone loves and have passion for.so your best sport might not be someone else.

Football is the best sport to me ,it's what I like the most and have passion for but someone else best sport might be rugby, some cricket, tennis and so on.

So the best sport is the sport you love and have passion for.