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How can I get delegation from Steemit-team if I promote steemit?

I don't think, its easy to use delegation from Steemit team, if you just promote steemit personally. Because the delegation is more for teams those develop some dapps, that allows others to get engaged on the steem blockchain. The idea is to encourage more and more dapps that can make the steem blockchain popular and bring more people here. 

And there are still some dapps, that have not got any delegation. So it depends on the popularity of the dapp. If you develop a good dapp, which becomes popular soon, then I am sure, steemit team will have an eye on that and will think to delegate. @ned definitely looks for new encouraging ideas to take this platform to next level.


Honest Answer: You won't get any delegation from Steemit Inc just by simply promoting Steem.

You might not have noticed this but Steemit Inc is not focusing their attention right now on marketing Steem but more on making sure future developers will have it easy when creating and integrating their apps (DApps) and platform with the blockchain. They also have been working really hard this year on the highly anticipated SMT's.

Most if not all Steem initiatives that had received delegation are all ambitious projects. These projects got people to talk more about Steem and even made some people outside the blockchain to join Steem. Because of their huge success, Steemit Inc decided to delegate a huge amount of Steem Power as a sign of support and confidence with their projects. 

Bottomline is, if you want to receive a delegation from Steemit Inc then try to create another DApp that will make people outside the blockchain to take notice of Steem.