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Why the Whaleshares is too similar with Steemit?

Steemit is an open source project, and Whaleshares was forked from Steemit. That's why they looked almost the same, and the codes are just like edited.

Aside from Whaleshares, there are other websites using the same format and codes.

* Golos- This is actually from Russia, and their token already has value.

* Serey- I am not totally sure but I think this is based from Cambodia.

* Smoke.io- one of the popular dapps right now which is focused on weeds, etc.

* Scorum- social media dapps focused on sports related write-ups.

* Weku- works exactly like Steemit. Their token still has no value as of now.



1. Steem is basically the standard. It's the front-runner. Any new cryptocurrency based social media platform would always borrow something(s) from Steemit

2. It's essentially a fork of steemit. It's hard work trying to build something like this from scratch. Why bother when the Steem Blockchain is open source?


I think the similarity is mostly due to the fact that both Steemit, and WS work in a similar fashion regarding the mechanics.

I personally don't like the fact that they look so similar, but I don't think that is an indicator that WS will fail as a platform.  

If the demand is high enough for WS as a platform, it will see success. Right now, it's a bit early to tell, but I'm optimistic.


The Whaleshares blockchain is based on the Steem codebase. It's a clone of Steem. Their web user interface is a copy of Steemit. It looks and feels similar because it mostly runs the same code.


Whaleshare is a fork of STEEM like smoke.io and golos. Check those two out, but I can't join golos because I don't understand Russian.


Because it is a CLONE of the open source code from steem blockchain..


Whaleshares is what they call a clone. It is built on the same block chain and is ran much like steemit is but it uses its own currency called whale shares. It is in a trading pair with BTS (bitshares).