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What you would do if you were the Agricultural Minister of your country?

First and foremost, I would ban the use of Monsanto's, and all other GMO seeds, chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. The GMO fruits and vegetables literally genetically modify the people eating them and I can asure you that the change is not for good.

The pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers Monsanto sells are provably dangerous, cancerous for people and poisonous for the land and water. The use of such leads to deprivation of nutriends and minerals of the soil they grow on and poisoning the nearby water supplies. 

If that alone wasn't enough to deter a reasonable person away from the use such  products from the mentioned Criminal Organization then, there are the countless stories of people suffering from birth defects, cancers, tumors and other terrible disseases caused by the use of Monsanto's herbicides and pesticides.

To preserve the length of this post I won't go much into the atrocities Monsanto and similar companies are into but I'll just leave you a couple of good posts that you can read if you want to learn more about what the horrors they are causing worldwide.




I'll just note one thing. Scientists have been able to isolate a gene that attacks sperm and it is able to sterilize men

Wonder what they did with it? 

They gave it to companies like Monsanto which then implemented them in their GMO crops. 

Because everyone is literally made to use Monsanto seeds nowadays, we are letting them sterilize us. Why would they do that? This I a topic that I could write a whole article on but again, to preserve the length of this post I'll just give you a

 TL;DR -> The wealthy few, the elite, the ones who control every aspect of our lives, think, and try to make us think, that our planet is  overpopulated and can't sustain this, fast pace of growth. Thus, they have to poison and sterilize us. Companies like Monsanto and friends are the leaders in such activities and are responsible for millions of deaths and even more sterilizations. 

Don't believe me? 

You don't have to.

 There are quite a few videos  and articles of the elite talking about depopulation and populaton growth management.

 Sterilization has been done throughout the years but you never heard about it. Just do some digging and you will find a rabbit hole so deep and scary, you will not want to go any deeper than the sterilization.

Bill Gates talking about depopulation through healthcare and vaccination: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WQtRI7A064

5 min video of non-stop depopulation quotes of the wealthy few:


Sterilizing gene: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2001/sep/09/gm.food


Monsanto caught red handed:  https://www.holistichealthliving.com/why-do-some-gm-crops-contain-the-epicyte-gene/

As a Minister of Agriculture in my country, I would outlaw growing crops that aren't organic. Meaning that, everyone would have to either, change the way they cultivate to produce healthy, natural crops or face some serious jail time.

This would drastically reduce the over priced organic fruits and vegetables which in my country cost up to 600% more than their GMO versions. Not to mention that it would solve all of the before-mentioned problems  imposed by the use of toxic chemicals and GMO seeds in agriculture.

IMO, this is the most important thing every country NEEDS to do NOW!

 Monsanto and friends are owning the markets and are, quite possibly, very popular in around 80% countries worldwide. They are killing millions, causing a wide spread epidemic of sterilized men and are responsible for countless other health issues to billions of people, worldwide.

We MUST put an end to this horror, opt out of the use of mentioned products and opt in the natural, organic ways of cultivation.



Hello there, thank you for a splendid question first I'll like to say that agriculture is a very important sector that contributes to a Country's GDP rate and a country with a splendid agricultural sector will have cheap food and even export crops overseas on a commercialized level.

So if I were the minister of Agriculture I'll make sure that I give loans to subsistence farmers with little or no profit returns so as to plant cash crops like rubber and latex on a commercialized level on hectares of aeriable lands.

Secondly I'll provide monthly pesticide herbicide and fungicide to farmers expecially in the northern states of Nigeria so that they can protect their cash crops from pest, not forgetting fertilizers expecially organic and inorganic fertilizer.

Thirdly I'll build roads in villages that doesn't have motorable roads so they can transport their perishable plants produce like tomato to the market place so that fresh food will no longer be damaged or expensive.


Easy question! I'd multiply the organic production by 10 times at least, since that's the only kind of food we need as humans

I'd prohibit the use of GMO seeds as that kind of food has no  nutritional value & it's toxic at the same time, making us sicker & sicker

I'd make sure to educate the masses on importance of proper nutrition of their families, since that's the crucial step in regaining our power!

If even one government worldwide did have good intentions for us in their hearts, they'd educate the public on only true nutrition there is - organic fruits & veggies that have the potential to bring our bodies in perfect states - where from our body can unlock their master healing potential & heal any disease that was caused by wrong care of our selves

You heard me right, not a single disease actually exists - some were man-made while others came from ingesting wrong ingredients for centuries!

Did you know, in ancient Egypt they consumed 10 times more Magnesium than what FDA recommends nowadays? And there was never a single case of cancer marked. Coincidence right?

I'd as well closely monitor all the crops that have anti-aging capabilities, that are filled with Magnesium, Selenium, Tyrosine, Vitamin E & Tocopherol for example & made sure that they are placed at every school around the country so I could slowly give power back to our children, the majority of modern food is slave-food that fastens aging, I'd make sure to reverse that process 

I would share free organic crops to every farmer who would want them, made sure to educate them how to grow them in ideal forms ( without pesticides or any kind of chemical), it would be harder to profit for the corps but people would safely become stronger than ever


Given an opportunity to become the agriculture minister of the country, I would do the following:-

1. Provide free seeds and essential equipment for farming

2. Knowledge provided on how to use modern technology for farming

3. Special trainers hired to teach high-tech farming

4. Subsidized or rather no interest on loan for farming

5. Recommend to income tax department and finance ministry for No Tax to farmers on their income

6. Free medical and hospitalization facility

And much more.


I think I would look after the farmers that we have and encourage new people to come into farming. We have issues with land grabs in our country currently and I would sort that out once and for all. If the people wanted land they would have to prove that they could farm the land first and would have to earn the land through tests and over a period of time receive the land as a gift.  


The single most important thing I would do as Agricultural Minister is to divert funds that are being used to support corporate lobbyists that are pushing the chemical agenda.  Companies like Monsanto would be forced out of the sector and the diverted money would be placed into researching ways to increase crop yield and production without herbicides and pesticides.  

Additionally, I would make directives against the use of hormones and other artificial agents that contaminate our food and harm our bodies.  


I would ask for a transfer to a department that I knew something about.


That's an original question! I would start to prepare for a future in which we'll be able to grow artificial meat in a factory. And maybe artificial milk and eggs, too. This would enable us to eat protein in the form that most people prefer, without making millions of farm animals suffer.

Although the Netherlands already has a technically advanced agriculture sector, it would be difficult for farmers to adapt to meat production on an industrial scale. And much of our land isn't suitable for growing the grain that would probably be used as the raw material for artificial meat. So I know which challenge we'll be facing, but not what the solution will be.