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How to manage studies easily?

If you want to make your studies as easy as possible, the biggest factor is to manage your time correctly. I have met a lot of people who have procrastinated their work, which ends up with them having to work day and night for the last week or two before the exams. And trust me, that will rarely get you a good result. 

The best method to actually getting good grades is to steadily work on all the things you need to learn. Sit down every single day for a set amount of time, and try your best to use this time to study, not just browse Steemit and Musing :P

Before you begin, you might even want to make yourself a plan for the entire semester. Begin this by checking out all the material you have to cover the current semester, then break it down to see how much you need to learn each month or week. If you want, you can even break it down to each day. I prefer to make plans for each week, then make a more detailed weekly plan at the beginning of each week. This lets me instantly know what I'm supposed to be reading, working on, or doing very quickly, so I don't waste any time trying to find out what's important. 

As for the reading/studying itself, I personally prefer 45 minutes of intense studies, followed by a 15 minute break. Some people find the 15 minute breaks to be a little too long, but choose what fits you the best. Some might be fine with only 5 minutes, but keep in mind that you actually want to be able to relax and let your mind rest during this time. I'm unable to do this with only 5 minutes, which is why I find myself to be more productive with the 45/15 set-up. 

Another great tip for managing your studies is to have a study group that you meet every day. Not only will it allow you to ask them questions or learn as a group, it will also give you a "responsibility" to go to school to study every day, and actually be productive when you are there. I find this to be a good way to motivate myself to actually study, instead of just browsing the Internet. 

A final tip to mange your studies well is to do your best to find out what's important. This can be really difficult in some fields, but you might save yourself a ton of time if you are able to. For example, I have read entire books during my BSc studies, only to learn that my professor didn't think that particular book was very relevant to the exam. While it was not a waste of time (since I learned a lot from the books), it was still a huge mismanagement of my study time, since I had to read a lot of other material to get prepared for the exam. Often finding the relevant parts of the material can be easy, and you might only have to ask your lecturer or professor. 

Anyway, that's pretty much my main tips for studying more effectively, and managing your studies more easily. Let me know if you want more details on a certain part of the answer, because I will be happy to go further in-depth if you want! 

And finally: Have fun! You will learn a lot more from your studies if you enjoy doing it, so do your best to try to enjoy your time as a student. 


To manage your studies well first you need to learn how to manage yourself.

My tips would be to:

#1 Set goals

#2 Make a study plan

#3 Make regular breaks

#4 Be positive

#5 Colaborate with your fellow classmates

#6 Establish  a routine

#7 When needed, consult with your teachers

#8 Relax 

Going into learning without the right managment of your time will get you nowhere.

 Following the above-mentioned tips will greatly help you in acheiving your intelectual goals.