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What are things you want to change in your country?

Today my country marks her 58th indepence anniversary. For a country that old you would think there is a level of independence but not in Nigeria. In 1960, our forefathers fought for our independence so we can have a country governed by our own people and by our own rules but today, it is sad to know that we are still under slavery even though independent. We live in a country where the law is not supreme. A country where someone who steals something as low as $10 is dealt with by jungle justice either maimed or left to die except by the intervention of the police who still throws him to tot in jail but have politicians who steals millions of dollars with their pen while in authority and all they need to do to avoid being prosecuted once put of power is to join the ruling political party before their tenure ends. I think this is absolute nonsense and needs to be changed. The law should be supreme and all leaders must be brought to book.

Leadership is being recycled in my country. Generation to generation the same people gets to keep ruling. It is surprising that our president once ruled us as a military president about 30 years ago and he still us ruling us and even with his frail health and old age of 74 he is still contesting for a second tenure. I feel so sad for my country. They say the youths are the leaders of tomorrow yet the youths are never given an opportunity to make tomorrow better. This I definitely will change. I will make laws and state a stipulated age limit to be qualified to contest for political position. Once above 60 years, political positions is no longer for you.

I will also stop everyone from going abroad to get medical treatment. This is the reason why the standard of our hospitals are deteriorating. Those in power that has the power to equip the hospitals with state of art technologies and best medical team do not do so because it is very easy for them to travel abroad to seek medical attention leaving the poor masses at the mercy of the sham we have as healthcare. If it is stopped, they would want to shift finance and logistics to improving primary health care because they need it also.

I will ensure godfatherism stops. I hate the fact that after spending years in the university and studying a beautiful course crowning it with a beautiful result, you roam the streets for years looking for employment whereas someone who studied a not very applicable course and a bad grade gets a great job with six figures because he has a godfather. This is very discouraging and lack of jobs is the reason why our youths are going into crimes and societal vices. Godfatherism must be stopped.

Striking in schools, rigging of elections, lack of electricity supply, high tuition fees etc are so many things i would love to change in my country. Nigeria needs change. I hope it comes soon.


There are many things I'd like to change in my country.

The respect for the rule of law isn't one of them. It's so appalling that people would do everything but obey the the law. There are laws that have been passed to ensure that things are done in ways that would benefit the populace but people just want to do everything to brake the law.

Take forever example, the traffic rule. It's expected that's everyone stops when the light turns red. How more simple can that possibly be? Yet, it's so simple that people cannot just seem to abide to it. People beat the traffic light like they are wired to be wrong. Just come and observe whenever the police isn't watching and see people ignore the light like they aren't there. I really wish this could be stopped.

In my country, it seems like the more the law is voiced, the more people find pleasure in breaking them.

There's a law prohibitng the disposal of wastes in public place order in places not designated to such purposes, yet, people still do it and it has now been even increased with garbage now showing updates in places where they didn't exist before. This is the situation in my country and I really wish things get better to change soon.

The situation gets worse when you climb higher the social chain. Those who who make the law don't want live by them. It's in my countryside that you find those in power disobeying court injunctions. You'd find governors and oftentimes too, the president disregarding the rule of law. In an ideal society, no one is above the law and it should be so irrespective of the individual.

These are some of the things that I would be happy to see changed.

It's independence in my country. So, happy 58th independence Nigeria.


What I want to change is the current government system in our country.

Currently, Philippines we are having Democratic type of government where all of the income goes to the national government. The national government then allocates the funding per city, which is flawed. There were some cities that received low budgets that is actually having a great revenue. Also, the budget is centralized to Manila which is totally unfair. It doesn't encourage cities to do more because in the end, its the National Government that decides and distribute their revenues to urbanized cities having a lot of problems because of mismanagement.

Instead, I propose the Federal Form of government just like United States of America is doing. Every city enjoys their revenue, encouraging them to attract more investors. Just a portion of their earnings goes to government for National Purposes. Just like here in Cebu, we're generating around 21 billion in income from taxes but we're only receiving 7 billion annual budget.

If this happens, the Mindanao (southern part of the Philippines) will surely boom. It is what we called as sleeping giant in our area. Our country will surely rise because a fair distribution of resources will happen.


The very first thing that I would like to change if given the power to be able to do so is the corruption.  The reason why politicians are willing to do anything just to win a position is mainly for their being corrupt or own interests. It is because if they are really want to serve the people honestly, they will attract voters through their projects and good deeds. They will also accept what will be the decision/choice of people and not to cheat during elections.

Corruption is also the main reason why there are still lots of poor services and facilities on many areas in the country. Not only in the government but even the corruption on other establishments/businesses hinder its success and developments.

So, if corruption will be removed or at least on a very minimal cases, there will be a better country in general.

Abuse of power should also be changed as some of those in position uses their power for their advantage and to hurt others.

Also lack of discipline like a lot are still throwing garbage anywhere that is why no matter how many sweepers or cleaners are assigned to maintain the cleanliness of the community, you can still see some areas with scattered garbage. 

Lack of discipline can also be the reason of heavy traffic on main roads and other issues in the country like flooding.


Thank you, this is an amazing question the truth isy country needs a whole lot of change and when you asked this question I made a list of the things that I will definitely change in country, the federal republic of Nigeria.

First the corruption in the country is the main reason why the country will never move forward, and there are no judicial laws that are sacrosancted by the constitution to punish the people in top places who definitely feel that they're above the law, so in a essence I'll make sacrosancted laws to punish the corrupt official in government and provide a legislative body that will be anonymous and well paid, so that will not be corrupted and bribed.

The 2nd one will be that I'll change from democracy to constitutional democracy as well that is every decision that will be taken by a politically elected leader will have to be dictated by the constitution else the person (leader) will be subject to questioning if they fail to follow the constitution and it's guidance and laws. This way there will be practical check and balance and the economy will e boosted and not serve the interest of leaders but that of the people.


There are a few things but the main one being corruption in the government. I don't really care that they don't achieve much but stealing whilst doing nothing is not good for anyone.

If i could change the mindset of everyone who seeks power or is in power to look at things for the people and it is not their money then that would be a big win for everyone. The country would come through its hardships and move forward. There would be enough money to sort out all the issues and taxes would drop or should drop.