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Which one you'd like most, Ugly and live forever, or look attractive and die in a year?

Well this is a complicated question for most of the people but I have decided in a moment. 

I like to live forever with my ugly look. Cause even though I'm ugly but I'm not ugly to my mother. No mother can leave her child even after they are ugly or in worst situation like there are some babies who are physically disabled by born and some even can't walk. But the mother never leave her child. So if a mother has so much love for a ugly or disabled child's life then why the child or me won't love to live forever? 

Photo source: http://stunningmotivation.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/nick-vujicic-saying.jpg

See this man. Can you recognize him? Nick Vujicic. He is an Australian guy. He has no limbs. He wanted to die so many times. But love for his life, love for living in this beautiful world and love for doing something for people have made him to stay alive. Now he is a motivational speaker. His is motivating hundreds of thousands of people. Millions of people are getting newly inspired to live life for his motivation. So why I shouldn't live in this beautiful world.

I'm a fully capable person who can work around. Just because of my ugliness why should I leave this world. If everyone leave me and if the society rejects me then I will live on my own. There will be someone who will be supportive to me. Cause ugly face isn't the factor. Factor is a beautiful heart. There are a lot of beautiful heart living in this earth. If you love from heart god will send the same to you via someone. That person will be your inspiration to live in this world.

Now let say everyone has rejected me. But animals won't gonna leave me. They are attracted to love. If you love them then they will never leave you. If I can stay alive I will be able to do something for them. I will go to the wood and live with some animals. A dog, two cow, some pigeons, some ducks, some hens and you are alright to live. 

Let's come to the reality. Even if you are ugly and even most of the people are hating you but your work, action, personality, performance all are incomparable and many are depending on you and getting facilities from you. You will never be leave by anyone. It doesn't matter whether you are ugly or not. It's a matter of personality, capability and lastly and more importantly if you have money to live on your own and if you are not dependable on anyone. You are accepted everywhere. 

That's why I wanna live forever. I wanna help people forever. Want to contribute for the world. So that I can live forever in this world even after my death in peoples heart no matter I'm ugly and stinky. 


Interesting question. I think I will chose to be attractive and die in a year.

I have spent about 35 years of my life, yet it look like a flash to me. 35 years gone like a flash.

So its better to have one year and spend it to the most enjoyable manner.

No worries for the future. 

No regrets for the yesterday.

I will enjoy the every movement of life.


For me this is an easy decision, but for others it might not be. I genuinely don't want to live forever, mostly because in living forever you'll live long enough to see everything you've loved die right before your very eyes. Even if I'm ugly, there'll surely be someone who'll love me and and at the end of the day I'll have to watch that person die.

Being attractive and living for one year is what I'd choose, at the very least I won't be the person that'll have to deal with death, it's the people that care about me that will. I know it sounds weird but to me, death may happen to the person that died, but it's felt by the people that are left to mourn that person.


I believe that it is not how long i live that matters but how well i lived my life,if looking attractive will make me live a better life then i will choose to be attractive and

live for one year,but also what about if i choose that option then i later had a physical injury that now made

me to become ugly,??then it means i will loose in both

ways which is being ugly and still dying within a year,so

if i am to make a very deep analysis of the question,i think the best decision for me to take is to be ugly and

live forever because there are some attitude of a person that can make them look attractive to people even

when the face is ugly,that is why we have some ugly people who attracts alot of people despite being

ugly,,some people get attracted to someone because of their attitude and not their looks...


That's clear-cut

Of course I would rather look attractive, be adopted by a good family and be pampered for a full year before I go to kitty heaven

Why would I want to live 25 years as an ugly and unwanted stray?😿


That's a no-brainer.  I'd pick ugly and live forever any time.  First of all, looking attractive is no guarantee for getting into a relationship with anyone attractive for a man, and secondly getting into a relationship is no guarantee of happiness. Guaranteed death in a year is a massive bummer. No death in a year for me, please!