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Should we believe on God?

For starters, most of us were born into one religion or the other that believes in God. So, it wasn't really a personal decision from the onset, but we as we get older, we tend to follow the part of our parents. 

I think, believing in God should not be centered on what you were told as a kid or a family stuff rather it should be based on a personal encounter with God Himself. It's not all about taking the path of your family. I think having a personal experience with God goes a long way in relating or believing in Him. 

There should be convictions on why you should believe in God because believing in Him simply means you have faith and trust in who they say He is. Most people who claim they believe in God don't even know what it entails to have faith and trust in Him. They say it because their parents told them about God, they didn't feel Him hence, it makes it difficult for them to answer this question from the heart.

So, my answer to this question is YES. I believe in God because I have a personal relationship with Him. I've walked with Him all my life and still walking with Him. God has proven to me to be real and I have benefited a lot from knowing Him. Now, I am saying this not because I was born into a christian home. This has nothing to do with my family history, what people say about Him or the things that I have read online. 

Do you know the fun part? believing in God is optional. He has made it to be that way, it must come from her heart. You must desire to know Him and probably ask Him to reveal Himself to you. I know most scientists will feel differently about this, but the truth is God doesn't need anyone to be God. He is God all by Himself. 

Do I think people should believe in God? YES, I do think people should believe in God, but it has to be a personal conviction. There are so many things that has happened in the past and still happening that science cannot explain no matter how hard they try to twist the theory, it will still lead back to God.   


Yes, we should. Our mere existence on this plane suggests that there is an unseen force holding all things by His power.

I believe God exists though not within the confines of our perceptions. However, we can feel his hands from the things which he's has created.

Have you never looked at some creatures and wonder how these things came to be? Almost, if not all, creatures we see today have something peculiar about them. Look at the natural wonders we have visible for all to see. It all shows the hands of a creator.

Look at the chameleon, how it's body helps it blend within any environment. Is that just a work of evolution? See the season and other landmarks we have today.

Scientist will try their best to disprove the existence of God but they will fail, woefully even. We are not the product of some evolutionary trend. I was thought that crap in school and I never believed it for one second.

The very attributes of nature speaks to the evidence that God exists.

Also, from experience, I can tell you for sure that God exists.

I've been in situations where I was in dire need of help. I prayed and God showed up. I believe in God more than I believe in this life itself.

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There is a reason we must believe in God:

Reason 1: Conservative

It means that we are looking for safety, so if there is news about the existence of God and life after death (hell heaven) then it is better if we believe it, Why? because it is safer to believe than not believe.

Reason 2: Justice

Often we see that there are so many people who we think are very good at their behavior and personality, honest, charitable, never corruption or do evil to others but live in distress even die in contempt, or we like to see injustice in the world.

God really exists, he is all creating something he wants the formation of the universe is proof of God, we cannot see God, but we can feel it, and we must believe that God exists. just like when we ask someone, "do you have a brain?" surely the person answered "yes I have!". and when asking the person "can you see your brain with your own eyes?" surely he answered "no!"

Faith That God exists is the most important faith. If someone does not believe that God exists, then that person is in real error.