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Should we believe on hell and haven?

This is a very controversial question which has caused so many arguments amongst people of religious ethics and disbelievers in religion.

I really find it funny when I hear people tell me they don't believe in hell and heaven (afterlife) maybe because they are atheist or disbelievers. It takes time for me to prove to these kind of people about the existence of the afterlife in which some of them may believe and accept the fact while the ignorant ones will always reject the fact and focus on their belief.

I usually ask them the following questions just which I will list below. Take your time and answer them after thinking deeply.

1) where were you before you got into your mother's womb?

2) Have you ever thought you will be in your mother's womb?

3) While you were in your mother's womb, have you ever heard about anything called "the world you are presently living in"?

4) Now that you are in this world, if someone told you are leaving this world to another place will you still argue or disbelief just like you did before coming to this world?

5) If you don't believe there is hell and paradise, then what is the purpose of our existence?

6) Why do people leave this world through death?

These are the 6 questions I do ask those who don't belief in hell or paradise because dealing with such people requires knowledge and sound intellect.

I will give you some proof about the existence of paradise and hell. The fact is that don't you think there is more to our existence other than just living our lives the way we please? Haven't you ever wondered why you get scared or feel sad whenever you hear about the sudden death of your loved ones? Haven't you wondered why people die.. Don't you think the dead ones are leaving the world for another place?

I am not really astonished about some people disbelieving in the after life because if someone told us there is a place greater than our mother's womb, we would surely disagree or disbelief that person because during that time, we do think there is no more place greater than our mother's womb. Similarly, if we tell some people there is also another place greater than this world and we are going to be there just like we came to this world, they will surely denie or disbelief in you.

This is one of the topic causing great arguments between atheist and religious scholars due to the category of their beliefs.

In conclusion and in summary, we must surely believe in the existence of hell and heaven because the hereafter(afterlife) is our final destination. We just have to make sure we do things that can take us to heaven(paradise) and we should stay away from things that can lead us to hell before we get strike by death.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I think everybody is free to believe in whatever they want to believe in, but the subject of heaven and hell is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. Behind every rumour, every legend, every folktale there's a little truth and if just about every religion on the face of the earth has a reference for an after life, most of which talk about the existence one one place for good people and another from the bad then surely there must be some truth in it.

The Romans and Greeks believed in multiple after life's which included Elysium, the fields of asphodel, the isle of the blessed and Tartarus. The Egyptians had the Duat and Norse mythology had Valhalla. If almost every religion that's ever existed has a notion for the after life then I believe that there's most certainly a heaven and a hell.

Looking at things from a Christian standpoint, because I'm somewhat of a devout Christian, there's most certainly a heaven and a hell, it only makes sense that the good and bad we do in this world is rewarded and punished in the next.