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Which dapp on steemit is more disciplined and rewarding big ?
i have seen many dapp. but what is your favourit. my fvrt is steemhunt and musing. what is your?


I have used quite a few of the dApps, and right now, the one that is standing out to me as both disciplined and rewarding what I will call the best value is Musing.

Here's why:


This is a huge step forward for Musing, since it means they can not only increase their stake faster through curation, but they can also be much more diversified in their upvotes. So, far, though, I have yet to see more than a 20% upvote on any answer, and those are few and far between. The vast majority are either 1%, 3% or 5% votes. I think this demonstrates a strong level of discipline on the part of Musing. With as many answers that they have that might potentially receive an upvote, they still need to maintain a level of perceived value, too. I think they are managing this quite well.

Even so, Musing is offering rewards that far exceeding, in most instances, what is happening through regular user curation on Steemit, what Busy will upvote, and reaching more users with their upvotes than most of the rest of the dApps are, without creating an inflated value gap that only leads to too high expectations by their users. Hopefully, Musing will be able to sustain even this pace, or perhaps they will receive an even larger delegation at some point.


These folks, in my opinion, are crucial to making Musing work. There is a great need for curation and all platforms, and not just autovoting dApp accounts based on some kind of algorithm. Musing founder Jon Ching mentioned in his last post that Musing has Community Managers who curate answers on Musing. This is important, because not all answers are created equal, and therefore should not be rewarded equally. With these Community Managers actually looking at the answers and determining their quality, it allows those who put in more thought and provide better information in their answers with the largest rewards.


I haven't been on Musing that long, but so far, I have yet to see an answer that was increased by bid bots. I suppose that's possible still, but given that the rewards to value are much more in line with the work, I think most people will be satisfied with the results and not feel like they need to resort so much to buying votes in order to earn something on Musing.


For me, musing is working to be the best so far, I have also tried steemhunt and have been trying that also, but in hunting the product in steemhunt, it has to be innovative one and then only you can get good upvotes if your rank is within 110 or 120. But ever since I have found musing, I have been spending most of my time here and I like this interface because earlier I used to spend a lot in Quora. So I have found something of my interest yet I am getting paid for my activities here.

In my own approach towards a social site, I think Q&A segments plays a vital role, as in the normal blogging site asking a question and getting an answer is not that straightforward and in that way, a Q&A platform is really something where you can get your answer from various people and I am sure at the end of the day, your question will find a suitable answer.

I further believe that musing will play a great role in coming future on steem blockchain, as of now we have seen many DApps, I am not against any DApps and all of them are good in their respective domain, but the one which is making the things easy and straightforward for users is musing only, in my opinion.

If you see the growth of musing then in recent times it has really grown significantly, and it has 1 million SP too, with a dedicated team working full time for this community and curating the good questions and answers and all of these are contributing to make it better place for musing. See the number of questions, its increasing everyday, more new users are coming in. So all these are factoring in to make this place just awesome.

Thank you and Have a great day. 


I think based on experience and the maturity of people that are working behind it, I am voting for Utopian-io.

Utopian-io is a dApp existing on Steem blockchain that rewards users from their open-source contributions. A lot of Steemit users, developers, open-source contributors are rewarded by Utopian.

It is also the dApp that received the biggest delegation chunk from Steemit inc. 

Source : https://steemyy.com/delegators/

Utopian CEO @elear has been launching this since September 2017 where it exists a year and 2 months now. When he launched it, a lot of Steemians saw the potential of this project which it received a lot of delegations. It even reached more than 1 million even without the delegation from Steemit Inc. It showed a lot of promise and it was fortunate that the platform delivered well.

I saw the changes and implementation by Utopian team in moderating a lot of contributions. It started from accepting minor contributions into a more stricter ones to cater more contributors and eliminate abuse and milking.

I was one of the early contributors of the platform where I earned some SP. I can say, it still holds the number 1 spot in terms of building trust to the platform.


Well, it depends What suits you, 

I think Every Dapp is profitable, it has some rules that you need to follow,  if you do it properly , you will get rewarded,

if you ask me to choose one , i will go for Steemhunt!

Because i have been working on steemhunt From about 3 months and I am getting reward daily, They not only reward you for you hunt, they also upvote your comments as well.

The 2nd place for me is @musing, 

It's my 3rd day on musing and i am having a lot of fun here, along with the reward i came to know about different people, their thinking, there daily life problems, and i am trying my level best to answer them too!

Others dapps are also great.