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Your first kiss was experiment or its full of love?
When we kissed first time its full of sanspanse how we feel after first kiss . Don't matter it is with our love but its also experimental . What was your exprince?

To describe it exactly in three words: "Friendly Collegiate Fun" (Well real kiss)

Unfortunately there was no "love" involve when my first kiss happened. It was just two people who were bored and possibly a little horny at that time that we choose to make-out out of the blue. 

I can't say much about what the other person felt but it was honestly soo soo good. Probably the best kisser I have ever kissed and I have already kissed a decent number of people. 

As to what it felt, it was honestly addicting! Lol


I've actually not been kissed. It's not because I don't want to but I've never felt the need.

I'm well above 20 but haven't been into any relationship. It may seem awkward but I think there are more pressing issues in my life than keeping a relationship.

The whole concept of relationships even scares me. If there's one thing I hate, it's commitment. I hate that I'd have to call or text someone everyday and be guilty if I don't do it. It would mean I don't have my space. I don't want that.

Currently, the only thing that crosses my mind these days is money. After money, the relationship can come. My hormones aren't flaring and I rarely wake up with a need to hook up.

There are more pressing things in life!


The first of all (apart from the games in bottle plan or truth or daring) was at 13 with  my brother´s friend  who took me 4 or 5 years. It was at night, he had stayed to sleep at my house and we were talking in my bed. At one point he challenged me to give it a little kiss, I gave it to him without any intention that the thing would reach more, but suddenly he put his tongue into me and we started to get involved. We just talked for a few minutes because I stopped him and because he had a girlfriend. Then he repented a lot, he spoke a lot, he told me that he loved me a lot and that he wanted us to keep being friends, he gave me a hug and he went back to my brother's room. It was not romantic, but hey, he was passionate, and I liked him at the moment, I suppose the fact that he was "forbidden" (as my brother found out he was cutting his eggs basically xD) added more morbid


I have kissed a few girls in my time, each one giving the same response as the other. It felt good, it felt like electric and made me want to go further with them, was it love, well no, now knowing what love is I knot that these kisses was just telling me that I was getting turned on by an act what can lead to sex.

I have been with my lovely wife now for 14 years nearly, we have 3 children, she is my best friend and I love her, in fact I now I love her because I miss her when I am at work just like I miss my kids too.

I look forward to getting home and she is there happy to see me, I like it when she tells me that she has missed me too.


My first kiss was full of love because I did it to my first love and we love each other like seriously, whenever I kiss her lips am moved and hurry for sex, so I kiss her when I need sex and I feel am moved. Kiss is a strong emotion in a relationship aside you doing it to your friends or person you don’t have feelings for.