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How old do you want to live to?

During my childhood I used to have to dream to somehow become immortal. I have always admired things that say me that it is possible to be an immortal. As I gradually grew up, I understood that if there is birth there will always be death and it is the natural phenomenon. Some part of my brain still believes that it is quite possible to become immortal. I have heard so many stories of people who lived an immortal life. Those were maybe stories but I know for sure that people were able to at least prolongate their life per their wish and they lived a longer life compared to others. I would prefer choosing a life with longevity like a tortoise. 

I have heard about how Tortoise lives a longer life compared to human beings or any other living beings. I was too curious to know how to increase my life span. I even found answers. I took tortoise for comparison and one strong point I found was that the count of breathing we do in our life. The count of breathing that a tortoise do is very less compared to that of humans. I read somewhere that it is one of the important contributing factor for longevity. 

Upon my exploration I really found interesting things about longevity. Not just breath, but food, sleep and the amount of energy we spend, stress factors, physical activity and so many things contribute to longevity of a person. Even the mental pressure and stress can also be a contributing factor for longevity. This subject was quite interesting to explore but then later after all the realizations that happened, I started thinking why we should life a long life and what will be the purpose. Then all my perspectives changed. I have just started to add value and work towards fulfilling the main purpose of my life and also what I really want to achieve. 

With the lifestyle that I live today, I think it is difficult for me to cross even 60-70 years. I feel that every day with my actions and activities I'm somehow contributing to the reduction of my life span. I've not been able to do things that will help in prolongation of my life. So in a practical perspective I would say, it will be ideal if I life for around 60 - 70 years. But only if I'm adding some value to this world for being alive. If I'm not going to add any value to this world or people and other natural beings in this world, then there is no point in living till I become too old. 

Difficulties in old age

I would say that everyone will always want to live a long life. No one will want to die soon. It is quite natural. But we have to understand something. Longevity is not going to be easy at all. That too if we are highly dependent on someone for something then longevity is not something that is going to be easy. Old age comes with lots of difficulties. For people who have health issues, old age can be a great punishment because they will have to be dependent on others even for their basic needs. This will affect people mentally. Some people even hit death because of that mental stress and for some people death will not happen immediately and make them suffer a lot. 

Considering all the difficulties in old age, I would like to say that it is good to die as soon as our responsibilities are over in this world. I really don't wish to continue living forever if that is not going to be easy. I have old people in my family. I see them suffering. Even though people in my family take good care of them, there are some natural instabilities which no one can help them out. They will be forced to live a life bearing so many difficulties. 

When I really want to die?

I feel that every human being should find the purpose of their life. every living being in this world is kind of unique contributing to the balance of this ecosystem. By nature's creation every living being contributes their part before they die. Some flies just live for one day. But they really contribute their part to this world before they die. So I would like to die only after understanding what my real purpose of this life is. You can call it a spiritual journey or how ever you want it to be. There is also another wish for me. When I die, there should be some people who would really think that I added some value to this world. That is when I would like to die. 

On a final note, death is something that can hit us at anytime. We have to be mentally ready for it. This moment I'm talking to you but next moment anything can happen to me because last century this time we were not here and next century the same time we are not going to be here. So we have to remember that we are not permanent in this world. That is when we will be able to explore and understand what the real purpose of our life is. We have so much of emotions and desires inside us. But what will happen to them the next moment we die. If we are able to think about all these things then we can say that even if death hits us at anytime it is not going to be a problem. We would have already added value in this life to this ecosystem. 

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I've never been one of those people who fancy immortality. I'm more of an achievements kind of guy. I can't put an exact age on when I want to kick the proverbial bucket but I want to have established something to last the ages and I want to see my first great grandchild. Once I've done this, I feel like I'll be ready to leave this world for the next


I would like to live to an old age but at the same time as long as I am not reliant on anyone to bathe and dress me. That would basically be going back to when you are born and going full circle.

I think that would be terrible and for being in my families way by taking up their time. I know they probably wouldn't mind but i would. Once quality of life has gone then I need to be gone. I want them to remember me for what I was and not for what I had become. Just hanging on to life doesn't sound like fun and that is not me.


Sir, I am certain you have carried on with an awesome life and contributed a considerable measure to the lives of your kids (or, in other words from the way that they need to deal with you). I am a youngster and likely unequipped for really understanding what you are experiencing. Be that as it may, I have a couple of things to state to you:

1. You dealt with your kids, raised them well, wouldn't you say right now is an ideal opportunity you allow them to deal with yourself. Wouldn't you say it is somewhat childish on your part to deny them this?

2. The same number of religious and philosophical sources express, "your life isn't just about yourself". You should have a ton of leisure time, for what reason don't you invest this energy in helping out the underprivileged in the general public. Join some social association or a halfway house or something comparable. Convey change to somebody's life!

3. There must be a considerable measure of things you were not ready to do before in view of your responsibilities to work and family. Attempt to check however many things off that rundown as could be expected under the circumstances.

4. Guide individuals. There must be a great deal of youngsters around you who are confounded and require direction about their lives, vocations and so on., endeavor to demonstrate to them the correct way. Trust me, you can determine a great deal of joy out of this!

You are not consuming up pointless room on this Earth, your astuteness and encounters in life make you a critical piece of it!