What are the things that Steem/Steemit are doing right/wrong in your opinion?
Looking for specific factual pros and cons, not rants or fanboy fodder.

On Steemit, discovery of articles and people is very hard. Tagging is not by itself a sufficient substitute, and although algorithmic recommendations are not always great, sites like Quora or Medium do a better job bringing articles to my attention. Even finding curators like @classical-radio or @steemstem is difficult for a newcomer.

But a more fundamental problem is that as an author it's very hard for me to track engagement numbers, particularly coming from outside the Steem ecosystem. If I were running a Wordpress site I'd get page view numbers.  If I write an answer on Quora I get a view count.  While the Steem blockchain itself has no notion of "views", the Steemit.com front end does, and this information could be shared.  (A related issue is that there's not a lot of way to monetize engagement other than by getting people to sign up for Steem and start upvoting, but I accept that's the model Steem wants.)

If Steem was a B2C startup all those "guest" users would be treated as potential leads. Visitors on Steemit.com get a rather generic banner (at the bottom of the post) that says "Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM."

As calls to action go, that's not bad, but I don't think a lot of thought or experiment has been done about curating those "leads" and getting them over the hurdle to becoming Steem users.  A front-end that allowed guest accounts as an intermediate step, or used a tracking cookie, might allow a better experience for people not already on Steem.

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The Steemit Promote Feature!

Before the existence of Bidbots, one way to boost a posts visibility is by using The Steemit Promote Feature. However unlike bidbots, the SBD/STEEM being used to promote the post is being BURNED. Steemit does this by sending the liquid Steem to the account @null which is Steem's version of burning.

This is clearly not a good way to do post promotion. One could spend 20 SBD to increase the visibility of a post and 7 days later only get less than $5. Why? Because no one bothers to read Promoted Tab anymore. And even if some indeed read posts there, they are not likely to upvote just because. 

So in the end, that someone will lose 20SBD and probably have gained nothing which is very unlike bidbots since you get around -10% to +10% profit everytime you use a bidbot. This is what Steem/Steemit is doing wrong. A way to promote blog posts that will benefit both sides!


 This question can't even be answered as it makes no sense. Let me translate what you just tried to ask.  What are the things that a token /  and a front  of the Steem blockchain  are doing right/wrong in your opinion? They are just lines of code doing exactly what they are ment to do.    


Steemit is constructed in steem blockchain and the things under steem blockchain is having many difference if we compare it to steemit. The main use of steemit was to beat many majority of sites and reach high level but now a days no one is interested in reading other articles, they are searching fro methods to earn steem like bots. Bots are used by majority of audience to promote their post and its seems easy for user to earn steem and steem power in investing in bots. So I feel this things as the worst thing happening in steemit.

There should be no use of bots. Due to bots the hard written posts by someone does not get its real value and then he/she leaves the platform. I don't like this things in steemit. Furthermore, I like the blockchain and the technology and the system is very heavy as no bug has been found in steem blockchain. And here we are able to earn money more than blogger because of one reasons I am working on steemit platform.