Why do you use Musing.io?

Everyone wants to know the unknown thing. Because, man is curious. Without knowledge man is incomplete. In modern life, knowledge is power.So, we should gain knowledge.

If you wants to know the unknown thing of any topic, you have to go to musing.io. Musing is like a platform that you will get help. Everyone wants more and more. So you can go to musing. Then, if you wants any answer you can question here. And you will get your answer from anyone who expert on it.

As a human being, I wants to help people. I know about musing.io from @zayedsakib.. He is a helpful person. After knowing about musing then I decided to work on musing for helping people. I like to help people as well as wants to know from them. Because I believe thatknowledge is power.

I love musing for creating such platforms. This kind of platform helpful for newbies and knowbies . Musing also support people those who gives the right answer by voting the quality full answers. Musing wants to do something for people. Me too. So, I write comments on musing for helping people.


To make money would be my number 1 answer if I am being truthful (which apparently I am)

To share knowledge and be able to discuss/debate the philosophical questions. I tend to lean more towards answering them then the ones that can be simply googled. I don't get the point of those, seems like they are just softballs people throw so their friends can get upvotes.

Personally I love when a question is thought provoking and has answers from points of views that differ from my own. That is how we grow, learn and evolve.


I use it because it is a place where I can ask and learn a great variety of things of personal interest in an easy, fast and precise way.

There are many sites where you can read information related to the questions you have, but in most cases the information is not accurate, so instead of getting the answer to our question, we get more questions and do not find the answer we search

In musing this does not happen, since users respond to your questions in a very detailed and precise way according to their knowledge and experiences that they have had throughout their life.

In addition to this I would lie if I did not say that I also use the musing platform because of the economic incentive it offers, but this is not the main reason why I use musing, but rather it is the previous reason that I mention.

Musing is the ideal place to solve our doubts, share our experiences and knowledge and as an extra incentive to be rewarded


Musing is a platform of asking questions and giving answers. It is very simple. If you have any question, you can ask here. People will give answer of your question. I think this is amazing. You can your question's answer pretty fast. 

When you give any question's answer, you are not only helping the person who asked that question, you are helping a lot of people who want to know the answer. People will upvote your answer if it is satisfactory. Musing itself gives upvote for your quality answer. So, here your contribution is rewarded as well as you can help other people from your experience and expertise.


Every person does not know everything. If you don't know something and have questions about that, you will try to find the answer. In case you do not find the exact answer, just ask your question here on Musing. You will get the exact answer from people who have experience and expertise on that. 

When I think about question answer, musing comes to my mind first. Musing is the platform that built on top of steem blockchain where you can ask any question and get the answer in time. It is one of my favorite DApps.

I love to learn new things and try to help others if I can. When you give answer to any question on musing, you are not only helping the person who asks that question. you actually help many people. 

If you want to add value to others lives, you should give your suggestion and try to solve their problems that they are going through. And you can do that answering the question on musing.

You will be rewarded for your contribution on musing. You spend your time and effort on this platform. People will appreciate your contribution and give reward for that. Musing itself gives upvote to quality answers and questions.

It feels great if you can do something for others. Every time I give answer on musing, I feel great. My answer can help other people and inspire them to take action that might change their life.


I use musing to share my knowledge with others in terms of answering their questions as best as I could and to also learn from others by seeking the right answers from them by asking the right questions. This is great platform for sharing and receiving information in a fast and concise manner