How does one extract lessons from failure?

You can extract lesson from failure by looking at where it went wrong. Lesson that can be learnt from failure are so much and I will try to list some

1) Failing is not the end of the road: this is a very important lesson to learn, successful people today have one time or the other failed but their ability to not to give up easily later paid them in life. Learn on to give up when you fail.

2) Failure can sharpen you: when you fail you tend to change things in your life that made you fail therefore you are been shaped to another person so that you will not make the same mistake again.

3)Failure can make you change the way you look at things: you might have probably been looking at things from the wrong direction but when you fail, you change approach at which you look at things.

4) You realize the road to success is not easy therefore you put more effort into making yourself a better person rather than a failure.

5)Time management is another thing you can learn from failure because you try to rethink what you are spending your time o. If its profitable or not.

6)Failure can also push you to become creative because you look for new ways to make you successful.

There are many other lessons you can learn from failure depending on which area you have failed.


failure is an important skill that must be mastered to achieve self-potential, so 3 Ways to Make a Failure to Become a Learning Arena

1. Know when to proceed

This stage illustrates how you have to let something go without having to waste time, energy and resources in vain.

The key is to reflect on yourself that you and your employees can continue to be passionate about maintaining a focus on what can be done, so that the company or organization can run better. "Persistence can turn failure into an extraordinary achievement." - Marv Levy.

2. Making failure as education

One of the biggest challenges that individuals face is to take lessons from failure and see a bigger picture. For example, we have a relaxed meeting where employees are encouraged to share input on everything from the latest products to workplace issues.

It was an opportunity to discuss what worked and did not work, and what lessons we learned as individuals, as a team and as a company.

When we begin to regard failure as a learning opportunity, rather than something negative, we find it easier to find a component of education in almost every situation

Of course, learning as a team also means growing as a team. And in the long run, as a company.

3. Turn failure into a strategy

When there is a failure, it is important to be careful and study why something does not work, and pay attention to what can be learned from that failure.

This way of thinking about getting the 'big picture' is the key to reaping the maximum results from seemingly negative situations. Realizing mistakes in stepping will help you avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Fast spells fail to get up quickly are philosophies that need to be invested in all employees when they join the company. Failure may always be a terrible topic, related to disappointment and setbacks. But you must remember that your personal nature will shape your attitude in the face of failure.


Life requires sacrifice, sacrifice to achieve what we want. To achieve success is not easy, it takes a long process to achieve it. Success can be created when there is a failure, failure is a delayed success, with failure we can take experiences that are very useful to build personality and look at a better future. Every human being must experience the name of failure, it cannot be denied that so many successful people have experienced it in the course of their lives. We can see world leaders who have succeeded, all started from a failure. But because of strong determination and effort persistently accompanied by confidence, finally they can lead to success.

Failed in the study, failed in organization, failing to preach is a common thing in life. The most important thing is how we make that failure as a stepping stone to achieve success. Many people assume that failure is a bad thing that makes us fall, lose confidence and feel unable to rise again. In fact, with the frequent failure of our brains we will be increasingly trained to deal with problems and how to find solutions.

Sometimes we cannot take lessons from a failure itself, and make us always think negatively of our ability. In fact, the Prophet SAW was also a person who has failed, he does not always win in war, nor is he always successful in da'wah, even inviting his own uncle to convert to Islam he failed. As well as the inventor of the incandescent lamp Thomas Alpha Edison, he had failed 999 times and in his 999 times trial he succeeded in creating incandescent lights.

When asked if he was bored with his failure he answered "with so many failures that I experienced I found thousands of ways that can make the lights not on". How many lessons can be taken from failures that can make us better. Failure is not the end of everything but the process of achieving a success even Thomas Alpha Edison said "I am successful because I run out of what is called failure".


One of the ways to learn a lesson from a failure to understand why we failed. Many people fail without knowing that they have failed and yet go on doing it over and over again and repeating it in a loop. Write it down in a diary and record all failures and what to do of it if there are any failures. Failures are like stepping stones of success. If there is a chance to be in a failure mode, we got a chance to learn. 


Just like success.  Always pay attention to results based on behavior they are the ultimate feedback on behavior.  The trick is to be able to step outside of yourself and see the answers for what they truly are and not what you hope they are or you pretend them to be.


It turns out that from the failures experienced there are lessons that can be taken, including:

- First, from a failure there will be a creativity. Failure that is not forgotten and making failure a reference to success. Try and try again so that new innovations and discoveries will arise.

-Second, failure to form maturity. Failure is not the end of everything. There is a famous phrase, "Failure is a delayed success." Failure will spur the spirit to try again the meaning of attitudes to be more mature is marked by a willingness to accept criticism and suggestions from friends or family. Attention from people around and and the nearest cause a sense of sympathy so that shame arises if it fails again.

Third, failure to foster a spirit of sharing. With the help of close friends and family, finally succeeded. Feeling successful with the help of many friends and family, there is a desire to share experiences, for example sharing using print and online media.

The meaning of Learning from failure will take many lessons. If failure occurs let happen, and sincerity, then bounce back. Rebuild the future by taking lessons from these failures. Actually it is better to never fail than to fear trying.


We can extract lessons from failure. Failures in life are one of the most unpleasant, yet unavoidable experiences that we tend to experience in any phase of life. We try to avoid failures as much possible. No matter how well we are prepared for the finals, upcoming job interview or business presentation, we might slip to some extent that we wished we hadn’t. The point is, failures constitute a major part of our life which is unavoidable, and the real deal is what we try to get out of it.

Life always gives us multiple opportunities in different forms to get back and continue with our purpose in life. You can start all over again, only this time with more vigilance and smartness than before.