Given the chance, would you go to colonize Mars if you knew you would never be coming back to Earth?

At one time I would have answered yes. However, after recent eye surgeries I need to keep taking a certain type of eye drops for the rest of my life and my artificial cornea needs to be examined once every few months. Now that I have medical requirements that need to be meet or else I will go blind I guess that leaves me stuck on Earth for now.


No I wouldn't. Our technology is too young and more needs to be done before that becomes a reality. Our space craft are too slow right now and it is estimated that it will take 9 to 10 months to get there now.

The first planned  trip with humans is for around 2030 so maybe we would have a better space craft to do the trip by then. Of the trips done recently 16 out of 30 trips have been successful. That is not great as a percentage.

Gravity on Mars is at 38% of what is here on earth. Living there will be extreme so so much has to be learnt from now until then and developed. A one way ticket with no idea what to experience doesn't sound like fun to me.

If another planet was found with the same things as earth then I would definitely consider it. The idea of going to a planet where there is none else around sounds fantastic. No one has polluted or ruined the environment so it would be  a fantastic opportunity to start a new life on a new planet.


If there were already people living there and certain amenities, why not go.

Personally I think I have nothing that has me tied to this planet.

If he contracted if it were only for research tasks, it would be an absolute no.

But I think it would be difficult for anyone on earth to leave all their friendships, family and life to go to another planet where there is nothing.

Surely there would be problems with gravity, air and different conditions that would not allow a full development of human beings there.

It is something that should not be persisted many times, our technology at this moment is too young to provide the conditions to live in Mars.

I hope that intergalactic trips to the moon or Mars are possible very soon.

See you in MARS



Just think of the middle of the Sahara Desert or Antarctica. If I was given a chance to go to any of those desolate places and would never coming back home, would I go? 

Certainly No.

If you had the chance, would you go? I am not depressed enough (I guess) to go to the middle of nowhere until I die.

- Photo credit: Timothy Simon from http://unsplash.com


I would not grab that chance. Knowing that it would be just a one way ticket to the mars, I would not go there.

Even they will tell and show me that they have proven already that humans, and other life forms can survive on mars, I will still choose to stay on earth.

It is because I cannot just leave those people, creatures and things that are so valuable to me.

If there will be and option for return, I might take a chance. But the travel time should be just several or few months and not years.


No I wouldn't. I'm an adventurous person and I'm all for new and epic experiences but I also love my friends and my family. The thought of never seeing them again is devastating. I'd love to go to Mars and colonize but I'm not willing to give up my family and friends for it.