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What discovery could be made that would completely change the course of humanity?

A planet that could support life similar to earth.

It would open up so many opportunities for humanity. Volunteers could be selected and whole families could go and start a whole new world.

They could use green energy and ban any form of pollution so we don't mess up another planet. Earth could be seen as a learning ground and mistakes not repeated on the new planet.

Being able to find new resources that could be used to advance us even further technologically wise. Food wouldn't be an issue and global warming fears of land disappearing from rising seas would dissipate.

The future for mankind would get a shot in the arm and space travel would get even closer. There is so much unknown and we haven't tapped into exploring the unknown of what is out there. Who knows what we will find in the future.


Alien life. No doubt about it. That will be a game changer. You will see entire religions fall and mass chaos. 


Without forgetting to comment on cures of certain catastrophic illnesses like cancer and travel and spatial colonization.

Neuronal implants, technology for the brain

These devices promise to improve the quality of life of people with different disabilities

 an invention of nature

The genomic edition will eradicate hereditary diseases, not only in the patient but also in his descendants

Autonomous cars, put the autopilot

In 2021 self-driven cars will arrive to the concessionaires apt to work in city and highway and to 99% sure

Graphene, the divine material

200 times more resistant than steel, but flexible and light, that is the material that is called to change the technology

Affective computing, robots and emotions

The machines will be able to know how to make and feel about those feelings, one more step in the interaction with artificial intelligence

Virtual reality, other worlds

The virtual world began as a game, but now it has the world of work in the spotlight

Batteries, all the energy in a box

Accumulators seem like a thing of the past, but their development will be the main engine of new inventions such as the car without engine

Precision agriculture, control the field with the mobile

Knowing all the needs of crops will instantly improve yields and prevent crops from being lost

Personal assistants, ask Siri

The evolution of these assistants will take them to interact with us as if they were people, read stories, tell us what we have to buy

3D printers, approaching teleportation

The EU considers this technology as the one that will rebalance the productive system

Biometric encryption, unique features

The main drawback of the use of biometric data is the lack of legal regulation and doubts about how secure these encryptions are

Surgical robots, android appointment

These new surgeons reduces up to three times the size of the incision needed to operate