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Is time a natural phenomenon or a construct of the human mind?

I think it is a construct of the human mind. Nature has its cycles, its seasons and its tempo, but time has been invented by the human mind. The human mind always needs to label and to encapsulate everything thus it had to encapsulate life also and measure it. Thus it invented the time. 

Beyond mind there is no mind, no hours or minutes. It's not even an eternity that we can talk about as eternity is also related to time. When going beyond mind every thing just is. It is now. There is no past nhore future. 

Whatever happens, happens in the now. But as longs as we live lead by our minds and its conceptual thinking we are going to live in time and in its boundaries. The people who have revealed their higher Self or their true nature don't relate to time anymore. They simply are.

Here and now with all their being while time has completely vanished. Until one full reaches that potential is still times slave. Once he/she goes beyond mind there is no longer anyone to believe in time. 


I always thought that time is but a human construct until recently, **Time** is a natural phenomenon which controls everything in and on the earth, things like seasons.

A lot of people confuse the concept of time with the clock, a clock is man made but time isn't. The clock was constructed to help man flow with time, because if we choose to regard the minutes and hours of the day or not, time still moves.

There are Mornings and Evenings, so whether we choose to acknowledge the construct of time, we are still nothing but pawns to it.