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What are basic skills a young man should possess regardless of the occupation that he chooses?

Terrific question! In fact I've always believed that vocational skills and others are secondary to some particular skills that any body should have, regardless of their jobs or fields.

Allow me to list them below:

1. Adaptability

For me this is the most important. Most succesful men we see today owe their success to this trait. Hell, the fact that humanity still exists today is mainly because of this. Life doesn't go as planned. Nine times out of ten the way things are in our head isn't the way they turn out to be! This is called naive realism.

Now imagine a man who has configured his psyche to one single means of survival. Learnt this means all his life, and then suddenly life changes his trajectory. Finds himself in a place which he isn't prepared for. All his previous attainments are null.

But there's a certain kind of conditioning which every man and woman may have. A conditioning whereby your brain isn't closed to possibilities. You give yourself an education that is as wide and ecclectic as possible. So that in the end that basic instict is forever in you.

Because, I tell you, it is that instict, and not even the skills you attain, which is most important, . The measure of the former is entirely dependent on that instinct. The adaptability instict. And once it is honed, you're able to survive whatever hurdle life decides to throw at you.

2. Confidence,

The importance of confidence can not be overstated. Sometimes confidence is itself more importance than anything. You may have all the knowledge and know how in the world but without the confidence to get things done, you find yourself no different than an inept person who has no knowledge whatsoever in your field.

Low self confidence is also one of the most unattractive features in a man. It is appalling to the opposite sex. Most women like men who are dominant and assertive. Superiors, men with power, also like men who are dominant and asaertive. Stuttering to get words out is as good as not knowing what to say; which brings us to--

3. Clear Articulation

Regardless of your job this can never be a useless skill to have. Now no one is saying you should be as proficient an orator as Barack Obama, or Jordan Belfort or [insert a motivational speaker]. No.

But having a thing in mind, knowing what that thing is, articulating that thing as clearly as possible. THAT is a prizeless possesion, admired by even the greatest cynic.

The way you say a thing, sometimes, is more important than what you have to say. It's why oratory is such an important aspect of human history. In fact on numerous occassions, the lives of millions of men have depended on how good a single man speak. Without the speeches of great men--both good and evil--the world won't be as we know it now. Perhaps we may not even exist.

4. Humility and Getting Along

Humilty is another attractive trait in a man. Being able to retain ones humility, even in the presence of huge success, is a tenet everyman should work towards.

Related to this is the ability to get along with your fellow humans, also known as being a team player. We're all different. We all have our various nuances and beliefs. A man must be able to see this and understand and respect the views of others.

4. Blogging skills On Steemit and Musing

Last but not the least, EVERY MAN must be a blogger and come on steemit.com and musing.io!

Lol. Just kidding, of course.



Integrity, respect, empathy and responsibility

Integrity, you should always be honest and correct. Not just when it may be in your advantage, or when it makes you look good. Just always.

Respect, you should always treat yourself and others with respect. Even if you don't like them, or if you're haveing a bad day. Everyone earns your respect, from the highest profile manager up to the homeless guy you see on the street. They are all living creatures, they earn your respect. Same goes for animals, they're living creatures too, they earn your respect too. But the same goes for you. You too are a living creature, you should treat yourself with respect too. That means, eat well, sleep well, develop your body and your mind, and demand to be treated with respect by others.

Empathy, you should always ask yourself, what would it be like, to walk in their shoes? And when you do that, you have to keep in mind that there is a lot that you don't even know about the other people.

Responsibility, own your shit. There's always a choice, and you make choices, or you do not make choices, which is a choice too. You have the power to choose what you want, so make that choice, and own it. Take responsibility for the consequences of that choice, whether these are good or bad consequences.


Regardless of occupation, there are various skills that a man needs to possess. These other skills will help him handle his personal life and those around him properly.

Some of such skills are:

Leadership skills: a man has to possess this skill because it would help him in managing his personal life and those people that God has entrusted under his care. This is a very vital skill every man should possess

Communication skill: a man needs to be a good communicator. He has to know how to pass his ideas or views across in a way that those around him can understand. He has to know how to apply words and also understands the role of tone in effective communication.

Listening skill: a man has to develop this skill because his leadership position will require him to be a good listener. He has to know when it's appropriate for him to just listen and when it's appropriate for him to talk.

Social skill: a man doesn't need to be overly social if he doesn't want to but he should know how to relate with other people etc.

There are so many other skills that a man needs to learn. As you go through life, you'll start seeing the skills that you truly need to learn and those that you don't need


There are few things which I think every young man should have.

If you have manners it puts you above a lot of people. Just a please or a thank you goes along way. These words have started to disappear and it is as those parents haven't set good standards for their children.

Respect for their elders and for other people around them. How many times I have seen an elderly lady standing on the rain and the younger people just look at her. She may not take your seat but at least offer it to her. Thinking of others and not just about yourself.

Just the basic manners make a huge difference and if you do these people will treat you differently at the same time.


This is great and very much applicable to me.

I had a terrible life, and has been achieving some success in life in some things.

For me, these are the things :

- Optimism.

A positive mindset of every thing that happens. Always looking on the positive side of everything is an amazing thing a young man should have. The ability to twist the good side of it despite of how negative it is.

- Humility

Being down to earth (humble) is a key to one's success. We still have a lot of things to face and learn in the world. It's best to be humble and crave more learning.

- Imaginative

We're in the age of pure imagination. A person who has a great vision often wins. As a famous quote from Einstein : "Logic takes you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere".

- Hardwork

Imagination must be partnered by hardwork. If these two works together, an assured success will follow. It provides a greater possibility to do things that we desire.

Things above for me are the most essential qualities for a young man to succeed.


Learning how to polish balls and lick boots is vital to survival 😼


Chivelry and knowledge of Microsoft office.


Communication skill. Without them, you will struggle to find or maintain employment. I can't think of more important precursor.


The basic things that are needed in today's life

The way to adopt in different situations, as in work life you will have to face various people and with various situations

Patience: it is the most important thing that you will need in order to go through the work life of yours and it will help ease the real life as well.

Communication Skill: It is something important, the more you get to know people the more you will evolve and learn thus it will improve your way to go even  more.

These are the things that are really needed in almost all the occupation that one chooses.