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How has the world changed since you were a child?

The greatest change to me comes from how we communicate. I still recall when I was a child, mobile phones were not common. At that time, you should count yourself very fortunate if you have a pager. The mobile phone industry then progressed at rapid pace to the. Today, everyone has a mini computer on hand, which is more powerful than the computers NASA had to send people to the Moon in the 1960s.

At the same time, internet started to boom. From simple static sites which users can only read (web 1.0) to dynamic interactive web applications where everyone can contribute (web 2.0). The way we communicate drastically changed. From snail mails to emails. From paging and SMSes to instant messaging. From land line calls to VoIP calls. All these happened in just a couple of decades.

Another change which is less from the technological aspect, is seeing how people are so willing to share. In fact, many are so addicted to sharing. Through the use of social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, we are sharing info (sometimes sensitive info) so quickly and so readily. Do we no longer care about our privacy anymore? Or it has been always been human nature and technology merely provided us a mean for us to do so?

We are now at the beginning of a new trend. Where we see possibilities of decentralized services and economies. These are not just technological changes, they are social changes that have direct impact in many traditional economies and market. That's why it's so fascinating and exciting.


I’m in mid 30s now and to me world has changed a lot. We are using the technology which was nonexistence at the time of my childhood. 

Internet is one of the greatest invention which has changed our lives completely. We are very much dependent on the internet now a days and it has changed our way of life.

Ecommerce has become reality and we can flourished our businesses through it. 

We have access to the knowledge has become much easier.

Our children are becoming addictive to internet and physically less active.

We are connected socially with globe but we are not aware of our neighbors.


I am an 80's kid. And watching movies then, I envisioned a universe where technology will bridge the gap among countries and make life simpler. But at the crux of it, life has become much more complex.

Slowly, jobs that involve manual labor are being phased out by automation. Even jobs that require some IT skill-sets will be replaced by AI. The rich get richer and the wealth inequality is widening. Face-to-face communication has become redundant, probably only needing to meet the opposite gender for procreation. 

Though we have access to more information via the internet, how much of it is being manipulated. The major decision making is still being made and concealed by the rich and powerful, controlling the common people like stringed puppets.