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Would you rather lose your best friend or all of your friends except for your best friend?

Well, very good question. But there are something which we need to know before answering this question.

The guy whom you are thinking your best friend, is really a best friend of you? Whom we call best friend? The friends who always come to help in need, stay on our side in bad days, spend good times and etc etc. Mainly he won't leave you alone in danger and will always try hard to help you. If you have a best friend like this then choosing one best friend like this is the best option.

In case of friend, i would like to say- In our day to day life we make many friends. But when we are in a need, we don't find them beside us. So what is the benefit of making this kindda friend. So, leaving these type of friends is far better.

By the way no one will love/like to lose a friend. But if there is such a situation choosing the best one is the best option for you.


Wow!  What a fantastically morbid question.  I am guessing Farmergreen was into a little of his own crop when he was thinking this one up!  

That being said, I think I would rather keep my best friend and lose the other ones.  That best friend is your ride or die right?  I mean how can you just let that go for some other superficial acquaintances.  

That may seem harsh and others may try to sugar coat their answer or step around the question, but that is where I am at.  Give me my bestie any day!


Nobody likes to lose friends, and even worse if you have a relationship of many years with these.

Obviously the decision would depend on many factors, but analyzing it with the naked eye.

Obviously we would all prefer the best friend, is the person who is always there in good and bad.

The other almost business friends are usually in celebration, parties and when one is in a bad time disappear.

The point is that we must learn to be independent and adapt to any one set of conditions.

The people in our lives are passing through, they just as they arrive they can leave.

We should never cling to anything or anyone


I would choose my best friend over all the others. Best friends always look out for each other. friends are friends and no match for a best friend. A best friend is your buddy for life and irreplaceable.

I don't care if I had 100 friends and acquaintances it is a shitty question but I am not looking at sacrificing one person versus so many but what that friend means to me.

Best friend every day of the week for this question.


I can't choose to loose any. Even death of strangers can be painful when heard...what more a friend or best friend. loosing anyone to death can be painful


This is quiet tough and unimaginable,don't want to think about it till the situation presents itself then I would have to make my Choice based on the circumstance.


As for me i do not want to loose any of my friends including my best friend but if i am faced with a situation that i must pick one then i would rather die because i cannot live with the thoughts that i lost my friends or my best friend when i could have prevented it...


I have an associate - my significant other's companion's better half - who experienced a situation similar to this. But instead of simply his closest companion, it was his ex.

I don't review the specifics of the situation yet I trust she was harmed in a car crash. She made due with moderately little in the method for outward physical wounds yet suffered from cerebrum injury that did exactly what this inquiry sets. When she arose after the mishap, her recollections from ongoing years had been totally lost. She knew her identity, she could work all in all, yet she didn't recall his identity. She didn't recollect who her kids were. To her, her family were on a par with outsiders.

Endeavors were made to bring her home, restore her, maybe discover a method for revealing a portion of those lost recollections - or, at any rate, making new ones. Be that as it may, something beyond her recollections had been lost. Something major and fundamental to her identity, something about her identity, had been lost too. She never could acknowledge her significant other as somebody she was impractically inspired by, not to mention cherished. She was never ready to shape any sort of connection to her youngsters. Or maybe that revamping, reviving and reestablishing, she became progressively cool and inaccessible toward them. To her, they weren't simply outsiders, yet bizarre individuals endeavoring to inspire her to carry on with some fanciful life that was not hers. She wound up unfriendly and dastardly toward them. She moved out and demonstrated she wanted to have anything at all to do with them.

It was torment for him, unadulterated damnation. Here was the lady he had hitched, had dedicated his life to, who he had fathered three kids with - and she was no more. Goodness, physically she was there. She survived the mischance. He could see her, could converse with her, could catch wind of the things she was doing, and yet she was no more. To need to experience that, to come so near physically losing somebody - just to need to adapt to the way that you had still lost them, at any rate.

The kids were luckily youthful and versatile as youngsters have a tendency to be (despite the fact that the most established had some intense subject matters and required guiding as she matured into her teenagers). It required him a long investment to recuperate to the point where he could proceed onward with his life, discover another person to impart life to and start to fabricate a mixed family with her.

He's said the best way to truly get over her was to think about her on a par with dead. She was lost. Despite the fact that she resembled his significant other, seemed like her, had her qualities and was legitimately a similar individual, his better half kicked the bucket in that mishap. It was not until the point when he enabled himself to grieve her all things considered that he could discover some proportion of peace a proceed onward.

He's said that, for the wellbeing of his own, it would have been less demanding on him and the kids in the event that she had physically died in that episode, however he doesn't really wish that she had passed on - however she is another individual, she's at any rate carrying on with her very own existence and he wouldn't wish to deny her of that.

Actually, I figure it would be far, far more terrible to have a companion lose their recollections.


Closest companion losing every one of the recollections... Recollections and minutes can be reproduced.. Regardless of whether your closest companion ever overlooks you, (or, in other words), you can become friends with him/her again. Remake your bond, and ideally, again win his/her trust.

Be that as it may, once somebody kicks the bucket, you can't get them back. It makes a void which can't be filled..

So in the event that I HAVE to pick one, I will pick the first.. However, I don't think life ever gives us that alternative! :)


If wife/girlfriend validates as your best friend, then i would say losing all friends. Other-case it would be reverse


My definition of best friend is someone that stays with you through thick and thin. You can really totollay count on human due to our nature but you can count on to a great extent on anyone you can best friend.

The problem with best friends is they can get on our nerves pretty bad. And they hurt you, it cuts deep. Best friends are not scared to straighten up and go hard on you when there is need. Probably because they are about you on a long term basis.

'All of your friends' are always much more interesting. If you have a real pack, the fun will most likely be crazily fun. The issue with many friends, most are for 'what fun is in it for me now'. The chance of holding you down with them in the next few years is slim. One African Proverb Says "20 kids(friends) can not play together for 20 years.

To Live in the moment and create crazy memories...I will choose many friend but for someone that will ride and die with you...go for your best friend always.


 I would rather lose all of my friends except my best friend. It's just a matter of quality over quantity. Best  friends are like family. It seems that the meaning of friend has  changed to the point that acquaintances are now thought of as “friends.”  The term is used too loosely.


The distinction among saw and genuine fellowship

This part inspired an emotional response in my heart when I experienced that article referenced previously.

How about we expect that you have the most vital exam of your life, and you request that somebody enable you to out. S/he comes over and pulls a dusk 'til dawn affair with you, despite the fact that s/he has classes/work the following day. Abruptly you begin viewing them as your companion/pal, a man to depend on.

Here in untruths the issue. The individual may very well end up being of the kinder group. S/he may have had compassion for you or, it may very well be an irregular demonstration of graciousness, sudden yet critical to you in any case.

S/he continues helping you and one fine day you may wind up calling him/her to reveal to them how you finished without a hitch as opposed to your own folks.

You think about him/her a genuine closest companion. Be that as it may, turns out they simply don't feel a similar way.


"I think it happens to everybody as they grow up," Jeremy reacted. "You find out your identity and what you need, and after that you understand that individuals you've known everlastingly don't see things the manner in which you do. Thus you keep the awesome recollections, however find yourself proceeding onward. It's impeccably typical."

Statement from True Believer by Nicholas Sparks.

I have come to understand that kinship is some sort of a business bargain. You encourage me and I owe you one kind.

I am sad I diverge.

NO. I don't think the general population I think about my closest companion, should seriously think about me as theirs by any means.

Kinship depends on necessity, vicinity, class, communication, bargains, recurrence in gatherings, basic interests, as mindedness, correspondence, long haul colleague, comprehension, generosity and considering.

Long time prior I used to think I had a closest companion, whose one demonstration of consideration despite everything I recall, however like Nicholas Sparks stated, we see the world contrastingly nowadays.

I don't think s/he at any point thought about me as a closest companion however.

Needs change and does as well, fellowships and closest companions.

Goodness I nearly overlooked, companionship, here and there feels genuine, yet I have come to know it's an uncommon item. Exceptionally hard to observe whats genuine and whats a hallucination.

Until the point that I discover something looking like a genuine fellowship,

Cheers… !


I personally think we don’t really need a lot of friends, best friends are precious, it’s not easy to keep best friends, so I don’t mind losing all friends except the best ones.


In life some friends don't add value to ur life. It is better to loose such friends instead of your bossom friend who affects ur life directly or indirectly.

I will prefer to keep my best friend and loose others. This is same as keeping jesus in your life and loosing other people.


The best is Self-sufficiency.


If for any reason I tag any of my friends as my best friend, then I will rather lose every other friend to secure the Best.

to my best friend.


What a ridiculous question. Have you ever lost someone you loved? It fucking hurts. I don't even want to think about a question like this - I dont want to lose anyone. Life is precious. Everyone is precious. You might really love your best friend the best, but your other friends would be loved by someone else too - their family, their best friends - what a choice to have to make! 


it's better to lose a lot of friends than to lose your best friend, because good friends are hard to get


Prefiero perder a todos mis amigos y quedarme con my best friend.

La confianza no se da en todos lados, es dificil estar con alguien que realmente te entienda, te cuide y te ayude en momentos dificiles.

Por eso prefiero estar con una sola persona completamente sincera.