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What is the easiest way to get started and make podcast?

You don't need a lot of stuff to get started on making a podcast, so I think you should be fine. You might want to start off by consider if you need to buy any equipment before you begin. The quality of your microphone is very important for podcasts, and no one will like it if there's a lot of noise coming due to a bad microphone. 

Once you got the equipment settled, what you need is a good idea and a few other people to join in. What do you want to have a podcast about? No one can really tell you this other than yourself. Once the main idea is in place, try to flesh out some episodes before you begin looking for people. 

It's really important to do a lot of research to find interesting people to join your podcast. Some people prefer to have a main cast that do all the episodes together, while others rotate a lot of the cast on a per-episode basis. Again, choose what you prefer. Just keep in mind that you've got to keep the podcast interesting to listen to, or else people will just stop subscribing to you. 

Now that the idea and the people are planned, it's time to write a script. To what extent you want to script each episode is up to you, but you should at least have some talking points available to be used in the case that the organic talk get a bit stale. 

Now it's time to begin the recording. This should be fairly quick, but the editing will likely take you a bit longer. After it's edited, upload it somewhere such as on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube or wherever you want it, and your podcast is finally released! Good luck, and let me know if you need any additional help along the way. 


Starting a podcast is easy if you are a good public speaker and know how to express your thoughts very well. If you have this trait, starting a podcast will be a piece of cake for you. Except from that, you will need a good microphone because your listeners will appreciate the sound quality. If you don't have a   good mic though, you could potentially lose some listeners due to the bad quality of the audio.