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Is it right for your boyfriend or girlfriend calls you a name other than yours?


It depends on the name he is calling me.

My boyfriend hardly calls me by my name. Although, few times, he does, but it's just once in a while and not all the time.

So it is definitely not wrong for your boyfriend/girlfriend to call you a name other than yours. Especially if it's a beautiful sexy name.


I and my partner used to call each other with another name other than our real one. I am comfortable with this and I found it's okey for me. 

Another name for your partner comes from your love, adore and affection. So if anyone gives me some special name I would love to hear that. I have seen many who used to call each other with different names and some are really cute. Those are the sign of love for me. 

When I got angry, I don't call my partner with the special name but the regular one. So it is like a sign to show my love and affection to him. Not only girlfriend or boyfriend, it is also okey in between husband-wife or brother-sister. It's the example of love and bonding to me. 

So if someone calls you with a different name, don't feel bad or wired, accept it. It's okey to call your loved one with other names.   

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Sure it's right for my girlfriend to call me a name other than my real name

But it has to be a romantic one