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What is one thing you want to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend, but you can't?

I don't trust you.

No, not in terms of relationship with other ladies, as in, cheating on me.

But I don't trust your legitimacy with money and what you do.

I feel you are hiding something from me

Your source of income is questionable.

I feel you lie to me about so many things

Why do you always love to prove yourself or prove that you are mouthed

I love you the way you are, you don't always have to show off. I hate it

There are so many things you've told me that I don't believe but I'm still here

The truth is, no matter what you say you have done in the past, I'll never judge you for it.

I don't expect nothing from you, stop trying to impress me.

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If we can’t tell THEM, why would we post it PUBLICLY...? Lol.

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It would be "I hate you"

Because I love her too much.

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Well I would like to tell her that am broke and might not be able to take her out on Valentine's day