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What are the dangers of dating a very wealthy woman?

I don’t think there’s one absolute answer to that. Can’t generalize like that.

Whatever answers one might give, take 100 wealthy women, and that answer could not realistically apply to ALL of them.

Each person & relationship is different, and you’d be in the grips of cognitive bias were you to attempt believing the dangers lied in such a broad category of “wealthy woman” rather than your own personal psychology and relationship dynamic with a given individual, irregardless of their level of wealth.


Just like dating every other woman, marrying (dating) a wealthy woman has its disadvantage(s) just like it has its good side.

The good side is, she'd spend for you and if she's the submissive type who loves you truly, she'd submit her wealth to you, recognising you as the Head of which you are then also obligated to care for her.

The danger chiefly could be "lack of submission" which would ultimately lead to disrespect, constant fights and misunderstanding.

Being that she's wealthier or wealthy as the case may be, she'd feel, there's nothing you have that she cannot afford albeit, I think this is not true for every wealthy woman out there.

So it depends on the kind you lay your hands on.


Disrespect. If you love to be respected, then stay away from extremely rich ladies when you don't match up.

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Lack of respect, she misuses you the way she want and you are bent on following her so called rules because you are desperate

Better go for someone of your class


I think:

1. Her Ego- most wealthy women are authoritative and may not be submissive to you

2. Time- she may not have your time when you want to

3. Insecurity- they mostly jealous, so they want to be in control, so you opinion is not worth it

4. Trying to please her might be very difficult to do and also try to meet up with her standard of care.

There could be more but these are some of the one I think of.

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They might just treat you like toys. After they may have fed up with you, they might just dump you.

Well there might be case of true love as well.