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What's something your partner did to you that you will never forget?

Talking of love there is always the joy and sorrow that has been passed along, if asked what the most beautiful thing a partner has ever done for me, I have not been able to choose the best answer.

But there is one situation that until now still remains in my niche, I have a life partner who faithfully lives my days without complaining of any life problems that we live.

Building an essential relationship certainly must have mutual respect, when she respects me, it is the most beautiful thing I have ever felt from my partner. She understood that I was struggling for our little family, and she respected that very much. That is what has made me so far unable to disappoint my partner, because she really went through that difficult time with me patiently.


There was this one time when I was really sick and I am far away from my family so no one can help me. I feel nauseous and I cannot even go out of my dorm because I feel dizzy and I always feel like throwing up. I don't have the strength to cook and to go out to buy some food. So I texted him that I was not feeling well and I cannot go back home since I am so weak to travel back going to our house.

To my surprise, he went to my dorm and bought food. Foods which include soup and other healthy dishes that could help me regain my strength again. He also bought me medicines to relieve the pain I am feeling. I am extremely feeling cold and unwell so I was not able to go out to buy my medicine and he did it for me. 

Since I am still shivering, he did not go home. Instead, he took care of me and feed me with the food he bought. He also bought a thermometer to monitor my temperature and he made sure I drink my medicine on time. I remember it was midnight and time for me to wake up and drink another dose, he made sure I take it so he didn't sleep yet. Before drinking the medicine, he also made sure I put food in my stomach so he bought snacks. After drinking the medicine, I went to sleep.

Waking up, I thought he went home already. Instead, he stayed and slept in the floor. There was no extra bed so he slept in the cold floor with only a piece of clothing as covering. That's when I realized how poorly I treat him but instead of treating me poorly back, he reciprocates with kindness.  And when he saw that I have already woken up, he bought me foods for breakfast as well as fruits and medicines to help me regain my strength.

To this day, I am so thankful about that particular moment. I have seen who will really stick with me through difficulties. I hope my answer helps!

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