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What is your biggest mistake or regret?

My marriage. Following 4 years of marriage I understand that I have committed error. I was in love with a young lady whom I met in my sister's marriage. Following four years romance we got married and have a little girl. My better half is actually from a rich family,her dad was government official (presently retired)and I

personally belong to middle class family. My dad passed on when I was 17 and my sister was 19 my mom dealt with us. Amid my romance I informed everything to her concerning my money related condition. I work in a privately owned business in UP.

She said she would oversee everything except for after marriage everything changed. Presently she never leaves an opportunity to disparage me she frequently says "(you have demolished my life)".

I do everything to keep her cheerful however she generally contrasts me and others. She doesn't care for my mom and sister (she has married to another man and lives in other town). She never enjoys on the off chance that I do anything for my mom.

When I try to talk to her she undermines me that she'd submit suicide. I think twice about it each and every day except I can do nothing about this since I adore my little girl and can't survive without her.


Hmmm! You made me reminisce on some mistakes years ago.

Yes , my regret is my refusal to take up a Lecturer Appointment into A Monotechnic College in Nigeria. I ellected to engage in private business where I almost lost my life, along ALL my investments. I never recovered from this in a long time.