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What are the best communities for a newbie on steemit to join and grow?

Source - https://musing.io/q/calprut/f3dfx7wkq - courtesy of @hungryhyustle

The development and emergence of Musing.io is one of the best things that has happened to the Steem ecosystem. Indeed, Musing provides an opportunity for interaction with the least investment of time and skiling. Answering or asking question on the Musing platform does not require any expertise neither does it require a guide as obtainable  for other DApps and interfaces. N o need for pictures and images (and related headache of CC0).

Of recent, I encourage every invitee to the steem blockchain to pitch his/her tent on the Musing platform. It is the least boring interface of Steem. With musing.io, New users can get to ask questions and get specific help and guidance for their operations on the steem blockchain. 

M using.io also has all it take for a speedy adoption in the mainstream and shall become a leading interface of Steem as far as adoption and onboarding is concerned.

Kudos to the @Musing team!

Also @Sndbox is another  great community on the steem blockchain that helps users to  integrate well into the ecosystem of steem. With daily contests cutting accross all relevant DApps, @Sndbox upens up  users to a creative way of engaging the blockchain. It is a niche where users can learn.

@Steemchurch is a dear community to me on the Steem blockchain. It is a christian community and the first church on the blockchain that experts in sharing love to members and humanity beyond the blockchain. @Steemchurch affords and encourages all members to share valuable christian messages and receive a love-curation from @sniffnscurry. There are no dichotomy. New users are given a warm welcome and given a sub-community to thrive.


It may sound like a biaised answer but I would say musing.io

Let me breakdown to give my point clarity, especially for the new comers.

First of all, learning about the Steem blockchain is intimidating especially at the beginning. To be honest, I haven't read the whole set of the Whitepaper, mainly because I thought I don't have to or probably I'm lazy to do it. But I'm pretty sure that on my 1st week here in musing, I realize a lot of things about the platform that I wish I knew when first started here in Steemit. The answers to the questions that I followed are simple, personalized, and a lot easier to grasp compared to the Whitepaper.

Aside from learning a lot from musing & its users, I also like how the curators are distributing the rewards for participating to the musing front-end. A simple question could literally earn a user about 1%-3% upvote from @musing that currently have more than 1M Steem power. So even a 1% upvote, for me, is considerably a good earning of Steem/SP especially on this period where Steem's price is at its lowest.

Even if the price of Steem seems to be dipping comfortably way below the value of USD, I still think that it's a great time for new comers to generate more SP holdings through their engagement to the platform and consistently powering-up all their earnings and be ready for the next hype in the market. Cheers!


I think the best communities for a newbie to join so as to grow are @curie @minnowsupport @air-clinic @wafrica @altruistic @steemgigs @reachout

These communities are really doing a great job bringing up minnows especially @minnowsupport all you need do is join their discord group.

They all help carry newbies along and will make you have a wonderful experience on the Steem platform.

When I first joined steemit, these were the platforms from which I found love and support so there are the communities I would advise newbies to join in.