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How Do I Maintain A Healthy Relationship With People?

The  mind and soul of a being should always be filled with fulfillment and should not be a kind of expecting every time and in that way one can really manage a quite healthy relationship with people. There may be certain things which one may not like of others but when you count on relationship, you adore both likes and dislikes of a being along with you. It is not something separate and it is always composed on its way of relationship be it with your own people in side the family or people outside the family.

If there is someone outside of my family and who is hostile to me, I will pose a neutral stance, I will not do something mentally or physically which will break the harmony of my mind, body and soul. I will be compassionate for all people who are suffering be it within or outside my family. In the mental state of my being, I will always offer friendship to every other people. I will be submissive to elderly people and the people who have more knowledge and skill than me, so I will be in a position to learn from such people always. That will further improve my relationship with such people.

I will be in reverence to all virtuous being. I will pray to god to affiliate me with such people all the time. My prayer for all the living creature would remain all the time although in a silent way, but it would remain. When I will be in a perfect state of having an ideological state of being mentally then it will start having its effect on physical and outside life also. The relationship will grow stronger and will always remain firm in adversaries and challenges.


Keeping up great relations with everybody around is difficult however not actually impossible... Pursue some simple steps.

1. Wear a happy face. A grinning face consequently makes positive vibes. Individuals like an individual who is really happy

2. Continuously be what you are. Never endeavor additional endeavors to counterfeit your actual self since when you put in those additional endeavors you make unforced mistakes. What's more, in being another person you lose your actual personality so cease from doing that.

3. Endeavor to keep everybody cheerful except don't force anybody to be happy since you need to by pestering them. We never recognize what an individual is experiencing so simply give a try,never compel them.

4. Try not to feel contrarily about yourself in the event that you can't keep up well with somebody. In some cases the harmonies simply don't hit right howsoever endeavors we may make. What's more, a few people simply don't care to carry on with others so given them a chance to be without anyone else.

5. Continuously give others their space. Show enthusiasm for othes lives however don't make them feel as though you are a gatecrasher in their lives.

6. Any sort of a relationship depends on trust,so trust others and make them trust you. Be reliable.

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Maintaining a healthy relationship with people depends on your manner of approach. First of all, you should always be honest and polite with the people you deal with. Also do not look down on people no matter what. If we look down on people, we might come to discover that we do not level up to the person's status quo.

The best and most preferable factor to consider when thinking of having a good relationship with people is Love. This is the factor that will strengthen your relationship with people the most.

We should also try to respect people's views and not just ours too.

Thank you.


There are various ways to maintain a healthy relationship.

Firstly, you will need to see others like you. Try to see others like you and try to make them feel that they important to you also.

Secondly, don't try to be hostile, there are some situation that you will need not to be hostile as it destroy relationship also.

Lastly, patience. there are some behaviour some people may exHibit and may seems it is getting you angry but you be have a high level of tolerance. Be patient and don't easily react to some others actions as it comes.

With this few tips, you can maintain a healthy relationship with others



Maintaining a healthy relationship with people is very essential, I have few tips that can help you.

1. You need sincerity, if your aim is to keep an healthy relationship with people, you need to be sincere with them, they need to be to trust you and to rely on you.

2. You need to respect people's feelings so as not to hurt them, with that you can as well earn their trust.

3. Integrity is also a criteria to help maintaining healthy relationship.