Why do you keep on writing in Steemit even though the value is low, what makes you stay?
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Writing on Steemit is much more than motivated  by rewards. To me, The steem blockchain is a learning hub  where on e gets to learn about virtually anything he/she wishes.

Before joining this platform, my writing skills were not as polished today. I have learnt from other writers as well as an edge in programming. To me, this platform affords me a learning experience.

Just as the Musing platform refines a creative way of interacting with people, the entire steem blockchain is full of  creative opportunities  that could be leveraged for successful living.

Moreover, blogging on the Steem blockchain comes with fun . Going through people's comments sometimes is fun all through. Meeting new people is also an amazing thing to behold here. Joining contests and lot more makes the blockchain of more value than just the price of steem.

For me writing on Steem blockchain is not dependent on the value of steem. Do we blog on other social platforms for the gains we derive or for  the connection and fun of it?

I think its high time we see Steem bogging beyond the rewards and go deeper into sharing value, fun and growing a niche.

We should see Steem blockchain as a learning platform which we can acquire knowledge boundlessly.

We should see steem blockchain as a niche where a solid career and an entrprise can be incubated and built.

Steem is much more than the dollar value. STeem is value in itself just for celebrating human value.

Don't be surprised if you get answers like "it's the best time to post!" or "steem rewards is better" and or "best time to build SP!"

I personally find those statements to be feasible and possible. Let me tell you why.

First of all, the reward pool is being replenish each day and it's at a fixed rate. The amount of rewards payout is proportional to the amount of reward pool and the quantity of posts that will be recieving the payout.

So even if the numbers seemed to be higher before compared to what you have right now, the amount of actual Steem that you will recieved is same as before then now. It has something to do with the conversion of payout rewards to steem or steem power.

Secondly, at this moment that the price of Steem is getting lower, majority of the active users may have stop due to the lack of motivation. In a bigger picture, "there are less competition" when it comes to exposure and upvotes as well.

It's a good thing that there are more communities / Dapps / Interfaces that host events / contests / and event curation initiative that are more than happy to upvote good contents. You're will most likely be seen and curated by other users or communities who appreciates a certain niche or contents.

If I were to the ones who are reading this, take this current market trend as an opportunity to invest your time & money to Steem / Steemit platform. I personally believe to the potential that this blockchain can achieve. Each day, I've been seeing optimism among long time users and the new business are starting to emerge. It wouldn't take long until the investors will start to pour in to the blockchain/platform.

The only thing that matters for me is whether there are people still using Steem and respond to the thing I post. What is the point of writing without an audience? Better write inside your private journal.

Writing on the Internet means we are attracting attention. The more we got (especially the positive ones) the more we feel good about it. It was never about the money from the beginning so price does not matter. 

By the way, Steem low value lead me to buy more Steem Dollars. Bitcoin is down, that is a very good time to buy more because most people are avoiding it and selling low to cut loss. Don't be like everyone else, be you.


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I keep writing on steemit everyday through various dapps because of many reasons and here are a few - 

1. To collect more steem - With less people voting, the share of rewards for everyone is much higher, and also at current low prices, I get more bang per buck :) bang being steem and sp. I have been able to increase my steem and sp remarkably and i am really glad about that. not only did i move from being a red fish to minnow, i also am about to cross 1000 sp soon. 

2. entertainment - money aside, some of the dapps i am on are extremely addictive. i like sharing my activity count on actifit. i like the gamification aspect of steemhunt and learning about new tech innovations and i like answering good questions on musing. 

3. development of the community - right now prices may be low, but we are all stakeholders in the steem blockchain and it is extremely important to keep the momentum going and to keep the community alive. it will be a poor example if the only reason to be active on steemit is money. then the project has failed in my opinion. the fact that so many people are vested and are still trying to put in effort to keep the community alive is phenomenal. 

The fact that I still earn some cryptocurrency is enough for me to keep posting. Aside from that, Steem-based sites and apps are fun to use, just like musing.io. Let's not think about running out of RC though because that keeps all the fun away everytime I keep engaging on here. Lol.

For people who don't have much to do and aren't really social people in person, this is a great way to socialize. Introverts usually love going online and posting what they think about the world. That's another reason I am on Steemit. I get to share my thoughts to a wider audience. Not many people reply to my posts but still I have an outlet where I can share my ideas. 

I also get to know what other people post about and think about. We get to learn situations in other countries too. Isn't that awesome? Steemit really makes the world seem like a small place even if it is big and wide.

I actually prefer the price to stay low, for now. First of all, the number of STEEM, SBD and SP we get as rewards is exactly the same as always. The blockchain generates those at a steadily decreasing rate regardless of the external prices of the tokens. Secondly, the tax implications of earning the tokens are much less than they were when the external prices were much higher. I can accumulate tens of STEEM per day without having to pay too much in taxes. Thirdly, because there is less competition you can get higher rewards in terms of STEEM and you have a better chance of being noticed and supported by someone with a lot of Steem Power. Early adopters will appreciate you dedication to the platform and be more likely to support you when you soldier on regardless of the price. Finally, I have a long-term view of the platform. I'm not interested in selling next year or the year after that. I want to be able to be heavily invested 5-10 years from now because I think there is a good chance the price can be very high in the long-term. If you have amassed 10,000 SP and the price of STEEM is $50, then you'll have $500,000 which is life-changing money already.

I keep writing because I believe in Steem and I believe in the possibilities that it presents.  I think it is a great creative outlet for a lot of people.  I like the idea that I can give back to to others as well and support them in their endeavors.  I think there are a lot of people all over the world that are benefiting from Steemit.  Even though the rewards may not seem like much where you live, they could be worth a considerable amount to someone else.  It is important to remember that it is all about perspective.  

I like the idea that I can grow my account and I can build something that in the future will potentially be a source of residual or passive income.  I like the idea that I can write and say what I want.  I also have a way to document my  trips and my projects all in one place. If people like what they see they can upvote my content and I can perhaps make a profit.  That is awesome to me.  I never would have pegged myself as the type to be a blogger.  In fact I probably used to make fun of people that were bloggers in the past.  

Although for me this still would never be considered a real job, I think it is a great hobby and as I stated at the beginning a fantastic creative outlet.  I think there is so much to offer on Steemit besides just blogging.  The fact that so many new projects are being developed on Steem is something that we should all be taking notice of.  The amount of new dapps that are being created and refined every day is awesome.  I think that we are going to see a huge boom in the future and people who got out now or quit while the price was down are going to be really sad that they didn't keep going and grow/build their now.  

The more that you can put into your account now and get it to the point that you are able to help and sustain others the better off you are going to be when the price of Steem goes back up!

I am still here on steemit because I love writing amd sharing ideas. I also love reading and kearning something new from the write uos here on steemit. I barely look at the steem price anyway so it doesn't really matter to me how low it goes.

For me it's simple - Content Incentivization.

Steem is years ahead of tons of social media platforms and communities out there because you can get financial support for voicing your opinions. It also offers a new currency and a payment network all in one! what's not to love about it? 

I am still here because i have made a sizable number of friends who i engage with on a daily basis and i enjoy their conversations beyond profits.

I am also still here because i believe that we're not done yet. With the right amount of work being done here, soon, people would realize just how valuable Steem is. So, it means accumulating more steem now can earn me a fortune someday.

I think there are lots of reasons on why I write here on Steemit and it's dapps. I think there are ways to increase earnings. Try to write about things that people care about, participate and get to know everyone more. 

When writing, it is great to write more words and write with more quality content rather than to increase the quantity of earning. Normally, at times, I have written well and got good rewards and some point of time, I've written a lot and got no reward for that, but it's alrite. It lets us learn how to engage our audience more easily. 

I think it's good to take some time to write about what content matters and also get to know the people around. This is the hard part. Initially, I've spend a lot of time writing and it was hard to write in great length. Then it has gotten easier and easier to write as I usually will read up. I am planning to write more about blockchain on my steemit account. Still sharpening my skills here. There are lots of quality content that is written by real people that is interesting to read about which makes me come back and read. It's good to keep reading about the different advances in this technology. 

I guess doing something no matter what it may be depends on our consistency in doing it. As long as we keep working on it, we will one day be able to do it. 

Monetization of content, that's the right reason why until now I have survived on this platform and are consistent. Which social media gives you rewards in the form of Cryptocurrency ?, I am sure there is no, even if there are Coins they have not been as credible as steem / SBD in the market.

The price of steem / SBD is indeed down, but that doesn't shake my position to continue to be on the platform. The monetization that I do on the platform is a form of long-term investment, and I only have the photography that I share on the platform, is there any other coins / crypto that we can invest with only social media? I don't think there is as credible as Steemit.

Apart from that, there were many positive things I learned while on the platform, especially about cryptocurrency and passion photography through content on the platform, and this really helped me in developing my new hobby. Although currently the price of steem / SBD is still far from expectations, I am optimistic that one day Steem will become one of the coins that has more value for the community economy through monetization of content on the platform.

Steem is not only a platform for earning reward. It is also a platform of socializing. Man is a social animal and just like food men need socializing to fulfill his social needs. Steemit platform is providing an opportunity to meet thousand of wonderful steemians which is helpful for learning culture of different origin which is I think more important than earning.

HELPS pay the bills.

And service.

When steem value is low, you get more steem in payouts. So if you are in for a long term, this time is great opportunity to write and earn steem.

I stay, because it's helping me to write. Becoming a good writer wouldn't be a bad idea, would it?