Why do you love Steemit?

I dont like Steemit. Steemit is just a front-end of the Steem blockchain. A static, outdated  and hard to navigate one. Busy.org and SteemPeak.com are much better ways of tapping into the Steem blockchain.

That said, I love the Steem blockchain. More precisely its unqantifiable potential and what is the driving force behind it. Both in terms of how development is conducted and in how the community members are all contributing to its growth. Although you may not consider this to be a fact I can atest to it being nothing but true. Every single member of the Steem community that is creating content is to some extent creating value that contributes to  the gworth of the  ecosystem as a whole.

By chipping in, our small acts which would't do much on their own, when combined with those of 20 000 other members, they can shift tides and move the oceans.

We are seeing that with all of the dapps and projects  being built on top of the Steem blockchain. Every single one of them is working to increase it's value which lies in their userbase. Every single one of their users is also a STEEMIAN! 

Thus, by working on increasing their own value, dapps and projects will be the rocket fuel of the Steem spaceship.  Combined by community efforts and the value users bring this force will, inevitably launch Steem out of low Earth orbit, past the Moon and out of the Solar System.

The bottom line is 

It is this ability of being able to come together and as a whole do something unimaginable for individuals to achieve on their own, that I like the most about Steem.


To clarify things first: Steemit is only one of the many front-ends built on top of Steem. It is the very first platform created for the Steem blockchain and is probably the reason for the confusion (aside from the name). But Steemit and Steem are two completely different thing. :)

Now to the reasons why I love Steem:

  • Steem does not require one to have an initial investment -Like the majority of users here on Steem, the main reason why I joined the platform is to earn some extra money. Unlike some other platforms though and/or other online income-generating opportunities, Steem do not require anyone to put in some initial investment first before you get a piece of the pie. One could literally start with nothing and go home with something.
  • Getting rewarded just for about anything- Steem atm have so many DApps focusing on something. If one is into doing videos and/or livestreaming then he/she can try DTube, If one is into doing some song covers and podcast then DSound, Steepshot for photography, Musing for answering questions and Steemit.com for almost anything. This platform is what most of us imagined years ago when Facebook first emerged, to be rewarded just by posting/commenting and upvoting.
  • The People are Nice - Some of you might not agree with me on this one but due to the nature of Upvote/Downvote, in order for one to be rewarded one must be NICE to other people. People on Steem are more on giving compliments to other users (probably in hopes for getting an upvote). Even if the compliments are fake or have some hidden agenda behind it, I still would prefer it than some random troll who badmouths and threatens to kill me just like on other social media platforms.

 To tell you why I love Steemit, allow me to share with you my first contact with it. I came across the name of the Steem blockchain several times in  November-December of 2017 but did not fully explore it until January of  2018 (I first read an article on Medium about  the coins that would do great in future and Steem was on that list)

After  coming across the name of Steemit.com several times I decided to  explore it for myself.  The primary reason was that I had heard several  times on websites like cryptocompare and Medium, how you can earn Steem  and SBD just by blogging. This seemed like a great idea to me. I came to  steemit.com with ideas of hitting pay dirt as soon as would land. I  didn't realize at that time, the amount of work it would take to even become a minnow ( having at least 500SP).

This struggle with raising my reputation and gain more SP made realize the potential of this platform. Now I realize that my biggest reason to be here less and less to do with just content incentivization and more and more to do with building a community, that would become the backbone for the future of the blockchain world. 

The recent changes have added even more reasons for me to be herr and enjoy myself thoroughly. Let me list a few more reasons:

1. Real community! I have made contacts here with people and then met them in real life. I have till now met steemians from five different countries.

2. Fairness. With so much noise about how Steem is favoring the the old users, we sometimes forget that the situation is far worse in the rest of the centralized social media.

3. I get paid for my time on Steemit!

4. Constant progress. We also sometimes forget that we are still in beta. With the latest HF20 and upcoming SMT's on the blockchain - it's a exciting time to be here


If you are passionate about writing and sharing your thoughts, idea, or your life to the world, you can start a blog and easily express everything. To start blogging, you have to buy domain and hosting.

You can start blogging on Steemit. You do not need to buy domain and hosting. All you have to do is to create a Steemit account. If your account is approved, you are good to go.

You can write about anything on Steemit. No one will come and tell you what to do or what not to do. No one is going to ban you. There is no restriction. You enjoy the complete freedom here on Steemit.

Steemit Rewards

If you start your blog on another site, and you think about monetization, you have to wait for a certain period of time before applying for monetization. But on Steemit, you do not have to think of monetization. It is on from day one. You get rewards for your quality content. People will upvote your content if they find it useful.

Everything is moving from centralized system to decentralized system. Who does not want to be a part of this change? If you want to get into cryptocurrency, you have to either buy it or mine it. Steemit gives you a golden opportunity to get into the magical world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. You can write articles, and you will get Steem and SBD as a reward. You can make video, podcast or whatever you like. You will be rewarded for that as long as you add value to the lives of others. Isn’t it amazing?

There are many communities on Steemit. You can join Discord channel. You will see many communities over there and they are helping others. It is really inspiring when you see you are not alone. There are thousands of people in a community. And they are ready to support you on your Steemit journey.

I did not spend more time on Discord at the beginning of my Steemit journey. Now I think I should have spent more time over there. I love to participate in the community. There are different contests on Steemit. You can participate in the contest. If you win, you will get the reward. Whether you win or not, you can learn something from participating in the competition. You get to know amazing people all over the world. It helps us get close to each other.

Because of the above reasons I love Steemit.



I have never really been asked that question nor have I asked myself ...  

In June of 2017 I discovered a new social network called steemit, which gave you compensation in cryptocurrencies something that was totally new to me, that really made me believe little on the page since I had never heard about those electronic currencies ..  

How will that work? Will it be a scam? all those questions were around my mind, and with all the doubts I decided to start posting post.  

At the beginning of my page, my posts were highly voted because the steemit community was very small, so most of the votes were high, I really did not understand what happened but I noticed that in my virtual wallet I had my own money, which surprised me a lot.  

I started writing without knowing how I could change that money to the official currency of my country, until I discovered the way to do it, I did it and I started helping my mother with household expenses, especially with food that is very expensive in my life. 

 Seeing the fruit to the page I decided to continue writing daily until it had literally become my vice, and not only for the money, but because I loved society, as we all talked and commented on the post, there was no type of plagiarism, everything was original and above all people read your post and your words and really understand you. 

I have always been good expressing myself while I speak, and it was the first time I wrote something, I felt that I had no coherence but when I went from the posts my writing was more fluid and with much more context and new vocabulary.  

As the months went by, I bought a new cell phone, which I would not have been able to do working normally in my country, so steemit really gave me hope to be able to emerge.  

I love steemit because he discovered in me that inexplicable desire to express myself always writing in the best way and always being original with all my writings. It teaches myself to share with people from different parts of the world and helps me to practice every day with the English language, steemit helps me to value good content and I also feel that my content and my information and my words are valued and listened to.  

Steemit also gave me an economic stability that I could never have had in my country working for a minimum salary since I am from Venezuela and all the extra money comes in handy to cover necessary and basic expenses.  Steemit also taught me how to handle more concrete information about cryptocurrencies, taught me to know when to change my coins, helped me to know when to change my original currency and taught me to have an electronic bank which is bittrex with which I have achieved to do a lot of things.  

Steemmit is an excellent social network with which you can continue to exploit ideas, talents, and ramifications, we must know how to take advantage of each and every one of its virtues.  

Without a doubt I recommend steemit to all the people I can, since it would be excellent if the Spanish-speaking community continues to grow day by day ...  



Honestly there are various reasons that made me love Steemit

It changed the way that I used to think about Social Media 

My You Turn of my life happened in here

The thinking of being an open minded person which I was able to do it in here.

I was able to express myself in here.

The Crypto World open to me.

I was able to make some great friends all across the globe and have learned a lot from them as well.

Connection has been made and I was able to make real money just by sharing my thoughts with others. Which was something really unexpected but it is the truth and I am loving the platform ever since.


What I like about Steemit is the equal opportunity it gives to everybody to make money. You don't have to be very wealthy on this platform before you get good payouts. All that is needed is your knowledge, strong internet connection and the ability to write and network.

Steemit has revolutionized my life in many ways than I can remember. Before now, I used to think that making money online was only for some set of people. Those has changed now as I've come to see things from a different perspective. I'm not so tech savvy but I still manage to get some rewards. This means anyone can participate and make money while having fun.

I have friends who have go to workshops everyday, they are practically slaving it's but I sit at home and still make what they make if they not more. These days, it's more about working smarter than working harder.

Steemit has given me new hope that from here, could shoot out into the world armed with the things I'm learning from this great place.


I like the whole concept.

Being rewarded with a crypto currency for having fun really. I was never a blogger and would never of dreamed of doing it 6 months ago.

I stumbled across Steemit more by chance and joined. I had no pre conceptions and had no idea what it entailed. I spent the first month learning all the hidden rules and what made the platform tick.

The more I learnt the more successful I became. I was invited into steem-chat and onto discord to join certain groups. I picked Steemit up like a duck to water. Not everyone can do that as they don't have the patience to learn.

I don't find it as difficult as I used to in the beginning as I now have a support network in place. The more you interact with other users you soon realize that is is a social platform and contact with others is paramount to your success.

I am good at socializing so this is the aspect I enjoy. Doing posts everyday is very tough for a non writer like me but i am improving each week. it seems that the bigger the challenge the more i enjoy it and that is the positive way of looking at it.

To be able to receive rewards for something you enjoy is  a real bonus. One day I would like to see if it could become more than a passive income and I think we are a few years away from that yet, but not bad for something you enjoy doing.


Steemit is a platform that unites all ideas and creative thinking, imaginative to work and develop, to support each other not to overthrow, very much different from other social media, all posts in steemit are very neatly arranged, everything has been set with the tag set , as well as the rules made by the Steemit, it is not permissible to carry out plagiarism, for those of you as small as anything from the work itself is still given an award, I joined Steemit in June 2017, as I learned deeply about steemit then I was interested in being more active in it, and it turns out that all content contained in steemit is real and original works of personal property.


I have been perusing posts regarding why individuals love Steemit. Here are the best 7 reasons!

There are a considerable measure of incredible reasons why individuals love Steemit and it truly has intercourse being a piece of this network. Here are a portion of the enormous things I have been finding out about.

#1. It isn't possessed by rich individuals or the administration who claim everything and treat whatever remains of us terrible. The rich will never regard us or need to share what they have so we need to get our own. Steemit can assist us with having our own cash and power.

Rich take from the poor.jpg

#2. You can profit and change your life, enable your family, to go to class, or begin a business. Everybody need to not stress over cash. On the off chance that something terrible occurs with your family you need to know you can pay to improve things Steemit can ensure you have enough cash to go to class and even begin another business.


#3. You can purchase cool things. Everybody likes decent things whether it is a great car or telephone or to go on a pleasant excursion with your companions sweetheart or spouse. Steemit can assist you with doing this.

Plane and car.jpg

#4. You can help make a superior world. The world is stuck in an unfortunate situation at the present time and the general population in control couldn't care less. An excessive number of individuals can't get great sustenance or clean water or air or feed their families. Steemit is where you can discuss these things and cooperate to improve things.

We are one.jpg

#5. You can control your own future. Individuals right presently deal with their employments until the point that they are old and tired. They never get an opportunity to extremely experience their lives, travel, and appreciate the magnificent things life can give you. Rather than working yourself to death, Steemit allows you to be free and be your very own individual. Likewise you can state what you need here and nobody can instruct you to be peaceful.


#6. You can learn new things. Steemit is loaded up with individuals who have diverse interests and who know a wide range of things. You can find out about anything you need here. There is great data regarding each matter. I have adapted such a great amount of effectively about a considerable measure of new things including blockchain and cryptographic money.


I love this platform so much because is an educative site and still apply money for partaking in their learning process, because the more you answer question you get more idea about life. Steemit is a web based life site that uses the blockchain and a digital currency called Steem to compensate members.

You can profit on Steemit by composing quality blog entries, yet in addition upvoting and remarking on posts. When you compose blog entries you get a reward as an Author, and when you remark and upvote, you win a reward as a Curator.


You must mean Steem. Steemit is not Steem. Steemit is nothing but one front end out of many.

I love Steem because you can create content on Steem in any which way you love and get paid something for it. In past years and decades, I have created such high volumes of text on various fora that I would probably be loaded with massive amounts of STEEM had Steem existed back then for me to create content on.