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Dtube, Dlive, Steemhunt, Tasteem: How was your experience?

If it were possible for me to write a detailed and fair review about each of those applications, I would.

The truth of the matter is, @dtube is lame. I have never gotten it to work and it would appear that engagement is extremely low on that platform. I'm not sure if it's worth going through the effort of recording and then editing. I have seen others who do quick vlogs, which might be a better approach. Alas, it's bad, but not (pseudo) decentralized crap yet.

Synopsis: Lame. But, not bad if you want some votes since only curators consume your content.

While we are on the subject of videos, let's never talk about @dlive ever again. I hope they burn in crypto hell for all eternity. How's that Lino bull crap working out for ya?

Synopsis: mostly dead.

I've seen many people take part in @steemhunt, and I do get the occasional "oooh" when I read some of the Hunters' finds. They have a moderation team that are tasked to approve entries. Also, they have experimental placeholder SMTs on their platform. As for satisfaction, I was hoping to read more funny "Amazon reviews", but that has not happened yet.

Synopsis: not funny enough. Only moderators check quality, or read your posts.

Then, we have @tasteem. If you want a corrupt framework with little to no internal regulation, this is the place to be. It's so garbage that I don't even know why they have big delegations. On a 10-point scale, one being lowest, @tasteem is on "patching up holes with white list".

Synopsis: cesspool of people reviewing places they've never been before.

Am I being unfair? Of course I am! These are my opinions about these applications and I have given my perception of them. Some people love them to death, but I see most of them as diamond-in-the-rough (that's me being too nice).

Overall synopsis: better than @dlike.


I have had experience in Dtube and Steemhunt, so I will share my experience on these two. Dlive I rarely used and Tasteem although I know about it, but never tried.

  • Dtube is really awesome and I think it is still a good application on steem blockchain and I used it in early 2018 for posting some of the videos and out of 7 or 8 occasion, I got a big upvote from them. It is not about upvote and that is not what I am looking for. In fact what I am looking for is little bit of smooth process when it comes to video uploading and I really found it difficult when it comes to video uploading. It consumes a lot of data first of all, and secondly it may or may not upload at the end, so somehow there is difficulty to get it as smooth as youtube and there is plenty of room for its improvement.
  • Coming to steemhunt, its concept is really awesome, for hunting new and innovative product you will be rewarded, here the best part is that you need not have to write a detailed description and the number of character is restricted to 1000 only and the focus is mainly on new and innovative products. Further you can also get upvote for your comments and for three comments a day you will get upvote  and the upvote weight will be based upon your level.
  • But the major setback in steemhunt is that there is a lot of abuse and there exist a number of small groups of people who make circle voting and they vote each other raise their rank and ultimately gets upvote from steemhunt. And I feel that till now the best and easiest way to abuse is steemhunt and there is a lot of room for steemhunt to check this abuse, although efforts are being made in recent times, but people are also clever and they are finding new ways to abuse steemhunt.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I haven't had a lot of experience with Dtube, I have tried in the past, but I was never able to get very far with it.  Dlive I used for a time when I was streaming some video games.  It was awesome, but then they moved blockchains and I will no longer do anything with Dlive.  In fact, as soon as I discovered they were leaving STEEM, I went in and revoked the permissions I had given Dlive.

Steemhunt I have used a couple of times and it is pretty interesting.  The concept is awesome, but there are still many people that are abusing the system.  Unfortunately people are posting about things that are neither new nor exciting and getting upvoted for them.  That isn't the heart of what Steemhunt is and I am kind of upset that people are taking advantage of it.

Finally, Tasteem is awesome.  They have a whitelist in effect to keep people from abusing the system.  There are still the odd post in the wrong category, but they are still well written posts that have a lot of benefit to them.  Even if they were submitted incorrectly.  I like how the team that made Tasteem is supporting it and they really seem to be putting a lot of work into making sure it is a great product!


Actually the introductions of the dapps were really amazing. Dtube was the first to come into inception after @heimendanger announced a decentralized application over a year ago for uploading and watching video just like YouTube. Actually my experience with dtube hasn't been so great I guess it may be because of my mobile device, however I usually have IPFFS problems uploading on dtube really and I've attempted to upload on dtube like out of 20 videos I've only suceded on five occasions, but I've been able to watch fantastic video from great dtubers like @nathanmars and @exyle it's been splendid.

DLIVE was much easier for me since it's inception when @wa7 their CEO announced it's commencement, I could say they got their idea from dtube but I loved their uploading system way better than dtube and In my opinion, I had a better user experience using dlive better than dtube really, it's so sad to see dlive leave the steem blockchain it was a major blow.

I didn't use steemhunt because I'm more of a musing.io person beside hunting feels too technical for me and I'm more of a writer so I didn't have any experience using steemhunt.

Tasteem was more of a decentralised foodie dapp for foodies like @momskitchen and @gringalicious, I saw a friend used the dapps to review a hotel, the food they serve and she got a splendid UPVOTE from tasteem, I didn't try it myself actually, but maybe some day I definitely would.


I have experiences with all these mentioned platform. 

DLive has been proved to be a scam on Steem and they existed. I got some votes from them in their early days and the platform actually worked quite OK, especially the streaming chatting function, too bad they ended up a scam. Actually they started in some kind of shady way as well, [to learn more](https://steemit.com/steem/@heimindanger/how-do-you-like-dlive-now)

Nowadays on DTube you can do streaming as well, I tested and it worked. Sometimes uploading videos can be slow, but I trust DTube team and as I know, they are decent and they are constantly improving DTube for the better. We have many nice communities on DTube too.

For SteemHunt you can get their support not only from posting but also from commenting or applying to be an influencer. They do everyday airdrop too.

I've done a couple of Tasteem, not so active on Tasteem myself than other dapps, mainly because I have a feeling they are more popular among certain language sites, not their global site, hope it gets more popular.


To be honest the experience using them was indeed amazing and different from one another got to learn many different things I should say. I have not used Tasteem though

Dtube : I have been seeing it for some time and I am really liking it very much while recently I got in as a content creator and it really helped me a lot in focusing a new door in Steem I am indeed loving it.  The experience is great and the layout and the users over Dtube are really very much appreciable. Together all of it i am indeed liking it very much.

Dlive : I have used it once but to be honest I did not used it very much as I was not a streamer so used few times to upload videos and wanted to be a part of it though.

Steemhunt : I like the idea of them and eh coordination of them but a thing really bugs me about them but overall they have initiated a nice platform and user activities are  really great and they are indeed supporting the user base  very nicely.

Like I said Tasteem was not used by me so no review from my side while the others were quite fun and exciting to go through. While I still an using Dtube and Steemhunt (collecting their tokens by the way)


Dtube: That is the reason I came to Steemit, but I always have problems uploading and for the moment I'm giving up.

Dlive: Just when I started liking it, they went away. It worked for me, but I only could upload 1 video and then they were gone.

Steemhunt and Tasteem, I don't know those ones.


My experience about dtube, dlive, steemhunt is really good. But my experience about tasteem is not good.

We all know about steemit well and there are many platforms on steemit where we can work with our best. They are cryptocurrency, dtube, dlive, utopian, steemhunt and so on. Among them dtube, dlive and steemhunt are really great platforms of steemit.

Dtube is a platform where you can share your videos about various subjects. Dtube also give supports to its user. To get a lots of support from dtube you need to give a introduce post on dtube. If you give a introduce post on dtube then you will get a lots of support from dtube. If you don't give any introduce post then you will get support once or twice in a month.

Dlive is a platform which is as like as dtube. But in this platform you need play games or do anything in live mood. To get more support from this you also need to give a introduce post on dlive. Then you will get more support. If you don't do this then you will get support hardly.

Steemhunt is very good platform of steemit which works as like as utopian. In this platform you don't need to give any introduce post. To contribute in this platform you need to write about cool and new invention of science. You can also give review of any cool product in here. If your post is accepted by steemhunt community then you will get support from them.

It is my experience about this three platforms of steemit.


I have tried Dtube before and it is pretty slow and would take so much time to load/upload a video. Now, I am frequently monitoring its development as I want to get back on making gameplays.

As for Dlive and Tasteem,I havent tried those two. We know that dlive left steemit and thats the end of it. While fot tasteem, its a good platform I guess, though I have never made any resto review just for tasteem.

For steemhunt, so far, its the best dapp in steem economy today. It has the unique features of a public sharing of products as a platform. With its rules and regulations being updated almost all the time, I'm sure it will go on a long way. I am a proud influencer in steemhunt and did some product hunting as part of community involvement.


what is this Dlive you speak of ?