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What is the important thing that you will not give up?


I’m not sure if I understand the question correctly, but I was thinking more along the lines of things that matter to me that I would not give up (like my children, food, or freedom). 

In that direction, I was thinking about one time a student asked me why I always complicated things. She asked me that after a discussion of a popular movie, which I connected to a poem by an American author and a mundane anecdote of a local event. I told her that critical thinking was like riding a bike. Once you learn how to do it, you can’t unlearn it. You can’t help looking at the world critically and that does not have to be a bad thing. Accepting things blindly and good or bad, just because someone allegedly with more authority says so is an act of betrayal against our human nature.

Besides the logical or obvious things no one would easily give up (at least consciously), for me, critical thinking is a key asset in the life of any human being. Any value we can assign to things in life pass through the filter of our thinking/reflecting/reasoning about it. Every time we screw up or make poor choices, there is always someone who would ask us, “What were you thinking?” Maybe we were not.

Critical thinking is a muscle, probably the most important one, many refuse to exercise. Freedom without critical thinking may very well be close to self-enslavement. What would be the point of being free to think, create and act if we are not going to make good use of that freedom? What would be the point of voting if you’re going to help the wrong people get elected? What would be the point of being free to choose what to eat if you are going to choose self-destructive foods? 

Being able to discern what is offered as Truths or Facts and what is actually manifested before our senses is key to exercise a responsible and productive freedom. Choosing right from wrong goes beyond the mere idea of having been born with free will. Who do we benefit with our actions? Who do we harm? All these are difficult questions to answer but they can be elucidated if we exercise critical thinking. 

In totalitarian regimes and societies driven by fundamentalists ideas people are invited to participate as long as they leave their brains at the entrance. As E.B. White once wrote, “for if freedom were denied me by force of earthly circumstance, I am the same as dead and would infinitely prefer to go into fascism without my head than with it, having no use for it anymore.”

Thus, I will never give up my intellect and my capacity for discernment. That would be the first step towards giving up freedom.



When you die your option will end. If you give up it's mean you can't see more option towards your life. life have many opportunity it's beyond our thinking. The reason behind why any person give up. They think they cannot survive in specific situation.When any person stop believing in himself they lose their confidence. That person brain stuck and also stop thinking howto handle that problem and how much option we have about particular situation. The only one statement remain that person mind and that is ‘’I want to give up’’. 

Give up is not the solution of any problem its need too much  patients about your decision about your situation. Sometime it's beyond our thinking. People think there option are just these. But they don't know life have more opportunity. There are several option for their situation. But at that time our mind is stuck and stop working that's why people give up. 

# These are the helpful strategies which give you motivation in give up situation.

  • Stay alive option will never end for you
  • Lower expectation never give you shock
  • Always remember be strong and believe in yourself
  • Don't compare yourself to others people success
  • Take advice from other 

# Reason why you not should give up

  1. No one perfect
  2. Always someone working harder than you
  3. Success is not just about earning something
  4. Others may be wrong sometime
  5. Don't make decisions in single day

Sometime people have more ability than you. They work hard then you sometime they have more skills then you. So, don't consider about other person success. Always make your own decision and plan and be confident with them and always believe in yourself if you stuck in any situation you much take advice from others. Sometime your mind not think too much. it's  doesn't matter option are finished for you. Sometime people stuck on single. They think others are more lucky but its not just about luck may be they put more effort which not seen by you.

# Conclusion

Give up is the not solution of any problem. When you give up its mean your mind is stop your mind stuck and you can't think more about the situation and this is your personal perception about situation. Some time people just see some option but not all option that's why people give up. Always believe in yourself. always be confident. Don't think about others success. Success is not always about earning reward some time its attach with your values. Always take other advice when your mind stop working.

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 I would never give up my relationship, even if i messed up in some way, then still i would do everything in my power to make sure that i will be the guy who will grow old with my woman!

Next being a parent, i think i will keep protecting my children till my last breath! Yeah i know over protecting is not good, but i don't care, that is just my natural reaction towards my children.I prefer to be safe then sorrow!

And i will never give up on hope, because hope is my self made life energy source what provides me the energy to keep doing what i want to do!


I think this is a very important motto that I always have in my mind. Sometimes, we fear something that isn't really real. Something that I never ever give up is the future. I constantly imagine what I would want to be in the future and want to make sure the future is of what I would want to have.

This is a very important visualization to make sure that whatever obstacles that I may face at any of the days which could be really difficult, I would just have a new battle plan and move on. One of the things that I keep on thinking and I say to myself all the time is

I have to do something that is really tough in order to be better and better. The more hard things I go through, the better of a survivor I can be.


I will not give up my dreams and goals in life.

I have started from scratch and has crawled the way of almost reaching the peak of the career I wanted to attain. Am I in the right position to give up? The truth is I have invested all of my efforts and time and every passionate about catching my dreams even though almost no one has supported me in this endeavor. Self supporting and goal driven.

I still have the passion in me burning that someday these sacrifices will become fruits that I will harvest. 

Also, my faith in God. No matter what happens in life, I still believe it is according to his plans - it is His will. I am still all-in in believing in him despite the challenges, problems, and trials I am facing right now. Even though I have been having difficult time to manage myself because I get easily distracted, I still believe that everything happens according to plan.