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If you have access to a lot of money, what will you do?

I'm guessing that when you said "access", it would only mean that the money isn't exactly mine.

Let's just say that I was given the opportunity to borrow that huge amount of money. I wouldn't waste it by not doing anything using it. The wise thing to do is to "invest" and generate more money using it.

I read somewhere that the so called "rich" people don't have that much money ready to be spent out from their pockets. Since most of their wealth are all invested to their own business and to where ever they think would make more money for them. They only leave enough funds to sustain their life and some sort of a emergency fund.

So, if I have the access to a lot of money, I would either put up a business using it and or invest it to start-up that I think would have the potential to be great. And lastly, I would invest part of it to cryptocurrency like Steem, who have been making an big leap by solving real issues like centralization.


I used to use that money in different things and my steem power was increased even more. We all know that the price of all good coin is very low and we also believe that the prices of these coins are going to increase soon. So I used to buy steem at first and I converted them into steem power.

I discuss bellow if i have access to a lot of money, what will i do?

Enhanced steam power in abundance

 I think it's good time now to increase steem power. Now steem prices are very low. This opportunity can not be found anymore. So I used to take steem lot.

helped the poor

I wish many days that I help the poor. A little away from my home, there is a lot of poor boy in an orphanage. I find it very bad to see them. So I used to help them. There is a slum where many children spend their days without eating. I used to help them


If I ever get to access to a lot of money and if I get to spend it without anyone/anything holding me back than I would definitely do these particular things.

 I would have built a house of my own with all the things that I always wanted in my own ways. Would have invested them wisely .While the investment would not be all in as I do not really want to put my all eggs in one basket . 

I definitely would invest into Steem as I believe in the platform and increase the SP of my account and by doing so I would be able to do much more activities in Steem Blockchain. 

And as a matter of fact I would  hold some cash as well s if times like this come out in the future I would be able to invest again in the dip.

While the other part if only I have access to the money and can not spend it for myself in any way than I do not really want to a guard of that money . The owner of that money better find a bank for safe keeping that money.


I think I would take my time looking at various options. There is no rush and mistakes are normally costly.

Investing in other businesses and property would be the way to go generating income on a monthly basis. Businesses like Steem are fun and we already know what is happening so I would definitely invest a portion in here. A monthly return is what I would be looking at as growing your portfolio of businesses is the answer to financial freedom.

I wouldn't go crazy and would most likely keep half as liquid in the bank for any opportunities that might arise in the future. Having money not tied up is the key to growing even more.


I will buy myself a house in hawaiian islands and starts a charity that can help feed the hungry people.

There is so much hunger in this world...People with big wallets need to come forward and do something...


Oh, I really wish I have this lot of money right now, just then I would have paid my registration fee before they chase me out in school. Alright that's my personal problem. So assuming am not facing this school problem and I have lot of money, then I do invest in a business, buy shares from a company, open up a fish pond and as well buy some crypto coin and hope that it boom in few months.

I also would like to have assets such as land in different places, land is one best assets that keep increasing in value as days go by. It doesn't experience a fall neither does it little demand diminish it value.

In case you own that much money, put in into something that will keep generating money for you instead of lavishing it on what takes away your money and never give back anything in return