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If you were opportune to make someone a billionaire between your brother/sister, husband/wife, Who will you choose?

It will definitely be my wife (future wife since I haven't one yet) to take care of becoming a billionaire for the reason that I chose her to be my partner in the first place. She has the capability to handle the money well and I know she will handle it for good. I can also communicate with her with what to do with the money.

On another note, my brothers and sister are still not capable of handling the money. They're still young but if given they're old now, they will still not be my chosen people to handle the money. I want them to become successful in their own ways because that's how they learn about life.


My husband ofcourse, because if anything happens to me he is the one to take care of my children,my sister's or brothers may fail me


Hmm.. This is actually a breathtaking question that requires deep thought before answering because most of the people involved tend to be our loved ones and they are very close to us. This implies that I will have to select someone whom I can trust fully to avoid getting betrayed later on in the future.

If I have the opportunity of making someone a billionaire, I will actually choose my brother. We all know about the saying that "blood is thicker than water". I have been with my brother since when I was born and I already know a lot about him including his strength, weakness and any other thing he does secretly. This means I am 95% knowledgeable about the type of person he is because we've actually spent lot of time together from the beginning of our childhood.

As for my wife even though I don't have one for now (smiles) 😊😆, the amount of time I spent knowing her can never be compared to that of my brother which implies that I may actually know 50-60% of her behavior unlike my brother whom we've been together since childhood.

We should also be very careful about selecting in regards to this type of situation because it's not actually the amount of years you've been together that matters, but the type of person whom the person is matters a lot. There are times whereby someone whom you've known for the past 5 years may be better than someone whom you've met for the past 50 years.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


For me this is a no-brainer, I'd definitely make my wife a billionaire, I mean unless she decides to divorce me the second I make her a billionaire (and I'd still be entitled to half she has), there's no reason why I wouldn't get access to the funds.

Making one of my siblings rich wouldn't be a bad idea, but then again, I'm not the dependent or begging type so I'm not going to go and ask them for money. At the very least, if I make my wife a billionaire, I'm assured that my kids won't suffer because I doubt my wife would do anything but give them the best this life has to offer.

As a man you have to understand that your family comes first, even though a I love my siblings, my wife and kids will always be higher on my list.

I hope this helps.